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Article: Cold Weather, Hot Tips: Your Ultimate Guide to Winter-Proof Skin

Cold Weather, Hot Tips: Your Ultimate Guide to Winter-Proof Skin

Winter Skin Care Routines

Winter comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to skincare. The combination of cold, dry air and indoor heating can wreak havoc on the skin barrier, leading to a range of skincare issues. Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of skin that protects your body, It supports an ‘inside to outside’ barrier regulating water loss, and an ‘outside to inside’ barrier protecting us.

The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis. It has a bricks-and-mortar arrangement that consists of dead dried-out cells called corneocytes and a lipid layer. This is your skin barrier. The skin cells, containing keratin and natural moisturisers along with the lipid layer in the skin barrier are essential for your overall health and needs to be protected to help your body function properly. This skin barrier can be stretched to its limit in winter. Understanding the causes and effects of winter skin concerns can help combat these problems effectively.

The Causes of Winter Skin Woes

Protecting the skin barrier is paramount to keep skin healthy and looking great. During winter, the humidity levels can drop significantly, leading to a decrease in the skin's natural moisture. Cold winds and low temperatures can further strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving the skin barrier dry and vulnerable. Indoor heating (while essential for warmth and cozy nights in) can also dehydrate the skin, making the problem worse. These factors combined create the perfect storm for winter skin concerns.

Key ingredient in skincare will be a make or break this time of year.

To combat winter skin issues, it is essential to adopt a targeted skincare routine. But most importantly its crucial you understand key ingredients in skincare that will be a make or break for your skin this time of year. The last thing you want to do is make your skin more sensitive and dehydrated. A key ingredient that will fortify the skins natural barrier is Beta Glucan. This clever ingredient works hard to provide a protective film on your skin surface, calming the skin and desensitising it. Beta Gulcan doesn’t stop there as it will also provide deep hydration giving your skin the plump dewy glow it needs. The Lycon Skin range has a selection of hero products suited to all skin types that will drastically help during these harsh months.

Don’t use harsh exfoliants.

We advise starting with a gentle, hydrating cleanser to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils. You do not want to be over exfoliating the skin especially during the winter months. Using a gentle mask that has active exfoliating ingredients such as the Lycon Skin Radiance lime Caviar AHA Mask, will effectively lift layers of dull, dead skin revealing fresher smoother skin and allowing your moisturiser to penetrate more effectively.

Anti-ageing Face Mask

Fight Against Low Humidity:

Chilly air is typically drier, and indoor heating systems further reduce humidity levels leading to skin dehydration, resulting in tightness, dryness, and itchiness. Invest in a humidifier for your home, or simply add some small containers with water over your radiators for a budget friendly moisture boost to your environment. You can even add a drop of essential oils to suit your mood.  Boost your moisture levels in your skin with as much hydration, just before bed apply a deep hydrating mask such as the Deep Hydrating Hyaluroic Mask by Lycon Skin which will supercharge your skins hydration levels.

Protect From Cold Weather:

Exposure to harsher winter weather can strip away the skin's natural defences. Simply covering the lower half of the face with a scarf when out in harsher weather can help reduce its effects. When wearing your favourite woolly hat, remember to wash it regularly to help prevent pesky forehead breakouts.

Our training manager at Beauty Triangle, Catherine Bond is an Industry Skincare Specialist having previously owned a Skin-based salon. She recommends Lycon Skin - Time Out Cream: stepping up your daily moisturiser or add in as a richer night cream to combat winter dryness. Lycon Skin Time Out Cream is like a skin cuddle in a jar. Packed with hyaluronic acid and beta glucan, this gentle yet powerful moisturiser amplifies your skin's ability to rapidly and deeply hydrate, plump, and firm. It is the perfect addition to your winter skincare routine.

Hot Water Is Tempting but Is It Worth It for Your Skin:

We all love a lovely hot bath or shower on colder days, but prolonged exposure to hot water, and with the addition of soap, bubble bath and shampoo can strip the skin of its natural oils. Try turning the water temperature down a little and reduce the time in that bubble bath to counteract the effects of the hot water. Do not forget to apply your skincare products as soon as you get out, even on damp skin. The effects of warm water on the skin will help the products penetrate and lock in moisture.

Catherine also recommends Lycon Skin - Revitalising Hyaluronic B5 Booster: This intensive, yet lightweight serum features multi-weight hyaluronic acid and beta glucans, providing a surge of hydration to your skin. For the best possible results, she recommends applying the Revitalising Hyaluronic B5 Booster to damp skin. This allows the hyaluronic acid to deeply penetrate the epidermal layers, giving your skin a much-needed boost of hydration.

Beta Glucan Face Serum

Do not Skip the Sun Protection:

Any winter sport enthusiast out there who have got themselves the dreaded goggle tan knows just because its cold the sun is still there! Despite the colder temperatures, UV rays from the sun can still harm the skin. Failure to use sunscreen in winter can lead to sun damage, premature aging, and worsen existing skin issues. Layer your skincare with an SPF such as Multi-Protection Day Cream SPF15 as the final step to help prevent UV damage.

Keep Up the Hydration:

Freezing weather may reduce the sensation of thirst, leading to decreased water intake. Dehydration from insufficient water intake can manifest as dry, lacklustre skin so carry on sipping that water bottle. Other fluids count to so another reason to sip that hot chocolate. Lock in all that extra hydration with Lycon Skin - Exotic Oil Complex: Catherine recommends this as the last step in your skincare ritual followed by SPF for day. Formulated with luxurious, lightweight, non-congesting omega-rich botanical oils, this product is suitable for all skin types including oily. Apply a thin layer over the Time Out Cream to seal in all the hydration you have just added. Use this twice daily or as an extra night-time step.

In conclusion, understanding the causes and effects of winter skin along with key hero ingredients that are going to work hard to repair, protect and nourish your skin means you won’t have to tolerate the negative impact of winter on your skin. Making small adjustments to your environment and skincare routine, you can help protect your skin from the harsh winter elements and support a healthy, radiant complexion throughout the season.

Leave a comment with your top tips to help support the skins barrier in winter or want to chat about the new Lycon Skin range, only with BTI.

This content is written by Monika Sonar, Marketing Manager at Beauty Triangle International. Feel free to share your comments and feedback.

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