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Ingrown X-IT™ Solution - 125ml - Ingrown Hair Serum That Works

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and hello to smoother, happier skin with our INGROWN-X-IT™ SOLUTION. This isn't just a spray; it's your secret weapon for tackling ingrown hairs on the face and body. Whether you've just waxed, shaved, used depilatory creams, or are dealing with regular breakouts, this formula has got your back.

  • Gentle exfoliation for the face and body
  • Minimises ingrown hairs and reduces redness
  • Soothes and moisturises irritated skin
  • Suitable for post-waxing, shaving, and regular breakouts
  • Features skin-loving ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Allantoin, and Arnica
  • No stinging or burning—just effective, comfortable skincare
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Cruelty Free

Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Rose Patron
Highly recommend!

A solution that tackles ingrown hairs at the root of the problem! This is more than just a spot treatment – it helps prevent ingrown hairs from forming in the first place. I love that it has good-for-your-skin ingredients like salicylic acid and lactic acid, so I know I'm not damaging my skin while I treat the bumps.

Laura Quin

Gentle enough for my face and body, and it even helps soothe any irritation that pops up. Now I can wear sleeveless shirts and shorts with confidence, knowing my skin looks smooth and bump-free.

Lindsey RObert
Smooth, bump-free skin!

It gently exfoliates my skin, preventing those ingrown hairs from forming, and it even soothes any redness or irritation. It doesn't sting or burn like some other products I've tried.

Rebecca B
Love it!

Finally, an ingrown hair solution that actually delivers results! This product has made such a difference in my skin—it's smoother, less irritated, and I've noticed fewer ingrown hairs since using it.

Just best

I can't believe how well this solution works! It's helped minimize ingrown hairs and soothe my skin after waxing. I love that it's gentle enough to use on my face and body, and the fact that it's packed with skin-loving ingredients is a huge bonus.