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Article: Salon Spotlight : Clementine Stevens - Bare at Winslow Skincare Clinic

Salon Spotlight : Clementine Stevens - Bare at Winslow Skincare Clinic

Clementine has been in the beauty industry for nearly 21 years, being introduced to LYCON in her first ever beauty job. She is a wax enthusiast, offering a premium waxing experience for her clients.
Hello Clem! Tell us a little bit about yourself...
I’m a mother and a business woman. I was trained in house and never really understood the benefits of using LYCON hot wax, and I had used strip wax in the past. I loved this job but after a few years decided to set up on my own. I wanted to build a reputation within the town I worked in. I loved it, intimate waxing specifically. I decided to train in LYCON wax and really enjoyed it, I learnt loads of tips at the training that I still use today such as having the wax at a banana thickness and creating a lip for an easier wax removal. I still say these out loud at times! 
I had my children and took a few years off and in that time moved areas but also with the covid pandemic my maternity leave was prolonged slightly. Having children and my birthing knowledge gives me a better understanding of how the body changes (for the better!) and how it works after childbirth. Nothing fazes me these days.
When a treatment room became available at the Winslow skincare clinic I decided I had nothing to lose and enquired. They are known locally as great facialists and it felt right when I met the team. Like myself, every staff member is a specialist in their field, so there is no competition. We are all super supportive of one another.
I decided to re-train with LYCON to enhance my waxing knowledge even further. I loved learning new things and walked out of the training with a new head and more enthusiasm.
I've been at the Winslow Skin care clinic for nearly 6 months now and after a few adjustments with working evenings and longer hours at the weekend, I think I’ve finally nailed the work life and personal life balance which is really important to me with having children at home.
What's your secret to staying enthusiastic in the beauty industry for over two decades?
The beauty industry is always changing and evolving. When I first trained with LYCON the PINKINI range didn't even exist. Nor did the LYCOJET formulas. In fact there were only a few cream Hot Waxes and no Gel Waxes at all!  The changes and advances like these keep me enthusiastic. I also work with a really encouraging group of people. This definitely really helps. LYCON is fantastic to work with and I have a passion for using it, this keeps me motivated. 
Tell us about your first encounter with LYCON. Did you have a "love-at-first-wax" moment?
When I was first introduced to LYCON Hot Wax, I questioned it at first. My work experience placement used strip wax to remove hair in the intimate area and I thought this was the norm. It wasn’t until I used it and could see the real benefits and I really started to fall in love with it. I then questioned why I ever used strip wax in the first place! It was definitely a WOW moment and all of a sudden waxing became a lot easier. For me it's the way LYCON can really grip every hair. Over the years I’ve found there are ways to work with it to make it work for you; that's the main reason I love it!
You've boldly ventured into the world of intimate waxing. Can you share the most surprising reaction you've ever received from a client?
Most people are surprised at how painless an intimate wax is. The most surprising comment I’ve ever had was “Woah, you really do remove all the hair.” It's true, clients don’t leave until every hair is out!  Most clients are surprised at how quick the second treatment is to their first. It gets easier every time.
Balancing motherhood and a booming beauty career isn’t easy, what’s your best advice for others in a similar position?
Find a balance. I love my business and it's made me happier because I have something else to focus on apart from my children. You have to just go for it. Find hours that suit you and work around your home life. I love being an inspiration to my children, my daughter loves opening my orders! My business is my thing and I think every mother needs their 'thing', something else to focus on.
Looking ahead, what exciting plans do you have for the future of your business? And how do you unwind and enjoy some "me time" when you're not creating beauty magic at the clinic?
I love intimate waxing and I’m always looking at ways to better my treatments. I'm always researching new training, it makes it exciting. I want to introduce more retail to the salon and grow that side of the business to interest clients more. I’m currently working on a loyalty card scheme because I want to encourage winter waxing. It really is the best time to start. I'm even growing my leg hair this year, I want to do it along with my clients.
“Me Time” is keeping active, I love a workout. It keeps me sane.
We have really enjoyed getting to know Clementine here at Beauty Triangle and interacting with her over on social media. We are inspired by her ability to balance her work life with being a mother. Her loyalty to LYCON shines through, hence our choice for this months salon spotlight! 
Some outstanding reviews from Clementine's Clients
'My first appointment and experience at BARE was faultless!! Clementine was really welcoming and explained how she worked clearly, she is based inside the Winslow Clinic. I haven't used wax for over 15years and I was a bit nervous, there was no need to be as the LYCON wax is basically painless! I'm so happy with the results, I'll never go back to alternative hair removal. Highly recommended Clementine!'
'Such a lovely clinic, Clementine is both professional and welcoming. Using LYCON wax, which in my opinion is the best! Made a repeat customer out of me instantly. Nice and fast with her work! Had my underarms and 1/2 leg. If you need any waxing done this is absolutely the best place to go!'
'I had a horrible experience years ago with waxing and it put me off for years. However after hearing about Clementines waxing, I braved it! Clem's knowledge was amazing. She was so good, calm and painless. This will be the only place I visit from now on for all my waxing. Thanks Clem x'
Based : Winslow Skin Care
Instagram: @bareatwinslow 

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