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Basic Brow Henna Course

All you need to get started with henna brows

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Henna Brow is by far our favourite brow treatment and the most popular course in Supercilium academy. The Henna Brow treatment not only tints the brow hair but also the skin underneath to provide a pair of well-defined, long-lasting brows for your clients.

In this course, you will learn everything about henna brows. You will learn the best-kept secrets from mixing the henna, selecting the appropriate colour, and applying it to the eyebrows, to increasing the longevity of Brow Henna results. The Henna Brow course provides everything you need to create those much-desired well-defined eyebrows.

  • Theory & practical info
  • Step-by-step video
  • Quiz to test your learnings

Want to get Certified? Upgrade to our extended Premium Certified Brow Henna course.

8323 Students Enrolled

3 Hours Of Training

Lifetime Access



When you improve your Brow Henna skills, this won’t go unnoticed. More clients will find their way to your salon, so you can grow your revenue.

Our courses are taught by highly skilled and passionate professionals with years of experience in the industry.

By using videos, illustrations, images, and quizzes we make sure you’re ready to rock any Brow Henna treatment.

Get certified by upgrading to our certified Brow Henna Course.




CEO Supercilium

The founder of Supercilium started her career in a popular brow bar in Amsterdam. When she discovered Brow Henna, she decided to take the leap and start her own business. Nowadays she tries to empower all the women she is reaching with Supercilium to embrace their own unique character.


Brow & Lash Master Trainer

Multiple price winner, a kind soul, and extremely passionate about brows. Seeing her students thrive is what makes her the proudest. Elisa’s real-life trainings are always fully booked way in advance. That’s why we are extremely honored she wants to share her skills in our online academy.


Brow & Lash Trainer

After years of working in a popular brow bar in Amsterdam, Sima thought it was time to bring her passion for brows to the next level. As a Trainer of Supercilium, Sima teaches students all around the world the ins and outs of creating beautiful brows.

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  • Grow revenue of your salon: Your efforts on improving your Brow Henna technique won’t go unnoticed. Eyebrows are one of the most important features to grab peoples’ attention and underline people’s character. By creating flawless brows, your hard work will get noticed more. Clients will find their way to your salons, and revenue will grow along with your reputation.
  • Learn from the brow pros: Our courses are taught by highly skilled and passionate professionals with years of experience in the beauty industry. They share their knowledge and tips, from brow styling to different techniques of henna application, which you can use in your salon right away. Level up your brow game with our top-in-class trainers. 
  • Master the art of Brow Henna: Our courses include videos, illustrations, images, and quizzes in the training materials to show you all the details and to make sure you’re ready to rock any Brow Henna treatment. 
  • Certified by Supercilium: You have the option to upgrade to the premium certified Brow Henna course for more tips and tricks and to receive the physical certificate of completion upon finishing the training course.


Where to learn Brow Henna course?

At Supercilium Academy we offer two types of courses for our students, in-person training courses and online brow courses. Whatever course you choose in our academy, all brow courses are taught by real Brow Masters: the best professionals in the industry that teach you all techniques needed to create flawless brows.

Do you need certification to do Henna Brows?

It varies per country if you need an official accredited brow course to perform Henna Brow treatments. However, we always recommend doing a Certified Training Course, since it will look more professional for your clients if you can show them your certifications. It’s just extra proof that you master all the techniques. 

How much does the Brow Henna course cost?

Our Brow Henna course is FREE! However, you have the option to upgrade to the premium certified too. We also offer a 10% discount on Supercilium products with every course you finish. 

What can I learn from the Brow Henna course?

The online Brow Henna course includes everything you need to know about Brow Henna treatment. We cover tips and tricks for every step in the process, from identifying clients’ hair and skin type, choosing the right colourapplying henna on eyebrows, to brow aftercare. You learn from the industry experts with years of experience, winning awards in brow competitions, and having their salon fully booked months ago.