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Ask The Experts

Salon Spotlight: Jess McLeay AKA Dr Wax

Salon Spotlight: Jess McLeay AKA...
Aug 16, 23

Meet the Waxing Extraordinaire: Jess McLeay AKA Dr Wax! With an impressive 13 years of experience within the beauty industry, Jess offers an array of waxing services, ranging from the ever-popular ...

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Salon Spotlight: Laura Kate Hair & Beauty

Salon Spotlight: Laura Kate Hair...
Jul 20, 23

With a wealth of experience spanning over 2 decades in the hair and beauty industry, Laura Kate successfully established her own exquisite home salon in the midst of the global pandemic. Mastering...

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Salon Spotlight: Rachel Penny, Waxilla

Salon Spotlight: Rachel Penny, W...
Jun 08, 23

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on the fabulous waxing specialist of Waxilla, Rachel Penny. Discover the inspiring story of how Rachel and her three daughters have turned their passions into a...

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Salon Spotlight: Gemma Bailey, Beautistic

Salon Spotlight: Gemma Bailey, B...
May 18, 23

Introducing Gemma Bailey, the celebrity waxing specialist and contour tanning master of Beautistic, based in the charming market town of Tonbridge. With years of experience in the beauty industry,...

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Salon Spotlight: Stripped by Kate

Salon Spotlight: Stripped by Kate
Apr 25, 23

Today we’re speaking to Kate, hair removal specialist and proud owner of ‘Stripped by Kate’ based in Farnborough. Kate’s passion for providing exceptional beauty services from the comfort of ...

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Salon Spotlight: Belle Beauty

Salon Spotlight: Belle Beauty
Mar 16, 23

November is here and so is the frost. We have been cosying up for a natter with this month's Superstar Spotlight. We will be talking with Lucy from Belle Beauty in the wonderful spa town of Malvern. 

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Salon Spotlight: Beautique, Loughborough

Salon Spotlight: Beautique, Loug...
Feb 23, 23

Welcome to our new Spotlight feature: giving our amazing LYCON UK users an opportunity to shine.  With unrivalled results, almost pain-free treatments and a network of fantastic therapists using ou...

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Scratch Salon

Salon Spotlight: Scratch Salon
Oct 05, 22

This month we are speaking with two wonderful ladies from Scratch Nail & Beauty Salon in Stourbridge. We will be nattering with both Chantal Chambers, Owner of Scratch Salon & Jennie Ingram...

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Salon Spotlight: Nourish Beauty Studio

Salon Spotlight: Nourish Beauty ...
Sep 06, 22

How is it September already?! The year of 2020 was a hard one, and 2021 wasn't much better but then 2022 arrived and we got the majority of our freedom back. With beauty salons getting back to capa...

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Salon Spotlight: Skin & Beauty Clinic

Salon Spotlight: Skin & Beauty C...
Aug 15, 22

It's that time again! For this month's Superstar Spotlight we will be speaking with the wonderful Ellie from the award winning Skin & Beauty Clinic in Tenterden. Ellie is going to be talking al...

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Salon Spotlight: Bare Beauty

Salon Spotlight: Bare Beauty
Jul 06, 22

Salon Spotlight is officially BACK! It was a feature that we all really enjoyed throughout the pandemic and the busy months that followed with everyone finally able to return to their salons. We w...

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The Only Mother's Day Gift Guide You Need

The Only Mother's Day Gift Guide...
Mar 04, 22

You heard us correctly - Mother's day has snuck up on us once again, this is your official three-week warning! Do not fret, we have got you covered with this super wholesome gift guide... Did you k...

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