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Article: Why is Wax the Best Choice for You?

Why is Wax the Best Choice for You?

With so many different hair removal methods on the market today, you may ask 'why wax?'.

We may be a bit biased but really when you compare your other options, waxing really does stand out as the best tool for the job.

Waxing V. Shaving

Oh the razor. We understand the appeal - its quick, easy and cheap. But the aftermath isn't worth thinking about:

  1. Stubble. Unlike waxing, shaving just slices across the hair shaft at skin level so you are never actually getting rid of anything - just giving your legs a haircut! The problem with this is that your hairs will grow back and become visible again almost immediately, unlike waxing which lasts anywhere between 3-6 weeks! This is because with waxing we remove the hair from the root every time 👌

  2. Irritation: Every time you shave, you also remove the top layer of skin which can lead to redness, irritation, itchiness and even infection. With Lycon Hot Wax on the other hand, we always protect your skin first by applying a pre-waxing oil which creates a nourishing barrier between the wax and your skin.

  3. Ingrown Hairs & Infection: A common problem with shaving is that the hair can easily become twisted/redirected back into the follicle resulting in painful ingrown hairs. While Ingrown hairs are fairly common and generally just cause a bit of discomfort, we recently had an individual contact us about an awful experience they had during the first lockdown which serves as a cautionary tale to all of us! Like the rest of the country, they were unable to visit their waxing therapist, and so they decided to shave. Unfortunately this resulted in a nasty ingrown hair which in turn developed into Cellulitis (a common bacterial skin infection that can potentially turn serious). In a rare and unfortunate twist, the Cellulitis developed into Sepsis and they were admitted to A&E. Luckily, thanks to the heroes at the hospital, this lady has lived to tell the tale and asked us to share it with our followers.

Waxing V. Depilatory Creams

I mean, the first result when you google 'hair removal creams' comes up with an article by Cosmo titled "12 Best Hair Removal Creams That Won't Burn Skin for 2021" - they are known for being pretty noxious stuff. That's not to say the appeal of applying a little foam and then scraping the hair away into the plughole eludes us completely. Depilatory creams may present an appealingly quick, cost effective way to temporarily remove hair but the results only last for a couple of days and quite frankly the idea of chemically dissolving hairs gives us the ick! Lets compare to waxing shall we?

  1. Unlike waxing (that removes hairs from the root), these creams chemically thin and break down the keratin structures of the hairs to the point where they are weak enough to be broken off when the cream is wiped away. Broken off is the key word here - like shaving, you are not removing the hair from the root, just removing what is visible. Depilatory creams penetrate slightly lower than a razor, so the results will last a little longer - roughly 4 days. Yep, you'll have to go through the whole foam-monster waiting in a cold shower palaver every four days.

  2. The harsh chemicals in hair removal creams can cause skin irritation for normal skin - let alone people with sensitive skin. The Lycon Waxing system on the other hand has been designed to work for clients with even the most sensitive skin, with dedicated pre/post waxing products that protect and perfect your skin.

  3. Like waxing, you will find that after regular use, the hairs will come back finer and maybe weaker, which can lead to ingrown hairs. Make sure you exfoliate regularly to help those fine hairs push through the thin layer of dead cells that lie on the top of the Epidermis.

Waxing V. Laser Hair Removal

This coveted method of hair removal is the most permanent of all of your options, but it does take a lot of work and money to be completely hair free (and the results are not guaranteed). Laser works by emitting an intense light that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the hair follicles that produce hairs - over time this can cause the follicle to stop producing new hairs. So why wax over laser?

  1. Cost. The average cost for a laser hair session on your bikini line in London is around £125 - lets say you need 8-12 sessions to be hair free - that's over £1000 for one area.

  2. Not everyone's hair is suitable. If you think about how the laser works, being absorbed into the melanin found in hair, it's clear that this type of hair removal will not be effective for all people. People with fair hair are likely to find their sessions ineffective, and those with darker skin tones also struggle to have successful laser hair removal courses due to the melanin in their skin. Waxing works for all skin and hair types.

  3. No Sun. While we recommend you avoid sun/heat exposure 24-48 hours after a waxing treatment, you need to wait around 2 weeks after a laser session before you can show off those hairless pins! You will also need to wait until any signs of a tan have disappeared before you can book in for your next laser session. If you ignore your therapist's advice and go in the sun anyway, you will be way more sensitive to the UV rays - meaning burning and Hyperpigmentation are a real possibility.

Why do we love waxing?

  1. No stubble - we remove the hair from the root every time.

  2. Longer regrowth period - depending on your hair cycle, you could be hair free for up to 6 weeks after your waxing appointment!

  3. Quick - Waxing is a relatively fast treatment - you can be in and out of that treatment rooms within your lunch break.

  4. Kinder to skin - the Lycon Precision Waxing System has been developed to effectively remove hair while protecting your skin.

We think it's a pretty easy choice 😉 We understand it is super hard to resist reaching for other methods while your favourite salon remains closed but it will be worth it! The longer you can leave your hair, the more effective the results will be when it is finally removed 😍 

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