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Article: Salon Spotlight: Fontana Beauty


Salon Spotlight: Fontana Beauty

 Welcome to our new Spotlight feature: giving our amazing LYCON UK users an opportunity to shine. 

With unrivalled results, almost pain-free treatments and a network of fantastic therapists using our products, clients Worldwide know and trust LYCON. We want to showcase our therapists and salons - the people that you see on a monthly basis to have your favourite treatments

This month we are in conversation with Rebecca Herrington, owner of Fontana Beauty in Cambridge, who has been using Lycon products for over 6 years. We discuss how she got into waxing, her favourite retail product and how she has been using her time in Lockdown to strategise and rebrand...

Q: Rebecca, you took the brave step of becoming a business owner at the age of 21 - what pushed you to take that step?

To be honest I started my own business because I thought "I can do it better". I had worked in a high street salon & a big spa before and I just always felt I’d do things differently if I was the boss. I started doing mobile clients first and soon outgrew my little Vauxhall corsa. We opened in 2013, just doing a few days with absolutely no clientele and now I work flat out every day (at all hours) to fit everyone in. I left the wheels behind and went full time at a rented beauty room inside a hair salon called Bamboo hairdressing in Cambridge, where I am now. It will be 8 years this coming Autumn. 

Q: As a young, female entrepreneur, what advice do you have for other therapists looking to set up their own business?

Just jump in! Give it everything you have got. If you're passionate, it will show and your clients will love it & feed off it too. When I first started I had to get a note book to write down all my ideas because I felt like my head was going to explode by trying to keep them in. Only the other day I got a new diary to do the same thing. 



Q: When did you first learn about Lycon?

I absolutely hated waxing when I first started out, it made me so anxious when I saw a bikini wax booked in. The worry that something would go wrong because I was using a bog-standard strip wax. Heaven forbid I bruised someone or worse burned them! I hated it so much that I almost took it off my treatment list.

I knew I had to sort something out because everyone knows that waxing is the bread and butter treatment of any salon! Then I came across Lycon. I booked myself in for an appointment (with the therapist I still see now), and I was completely amazed... I never thought the bikini area could be so smooth. Shortly afterwards, I attended my training with Lycon - and I bloody loved it!! I’ve been using Lycon now for around 6 years and I’m never switching. 

Q: Do you have any advice you would give clients before attending a waxing appointment?

Do not Google. Don’t even do it. A lot of new clients come in and they look like a deer in the headlights, so worried I’m going to take skin off or make them bleed and I will ask if they have been Googling. And they always have. The best thing is Lycon wax gives confidence to even the shyest of clients. I’ve even had a client travel all the way from Saudi Arabia to have a Hollywood with me and it’s because of Lycon.

Q: What treatment are you best-known for?

I am definitely known for my painless Hollywood. Since I started using Lycon, 80% of my treatments are waxing. I think after the first lockdown in the UK, I must have done at least 60 Hollywood’s in the first 5 days! Every single client said how much they missed their ‘waxing lady’- more so than some of their friends! It was so heartwarming to hear.

Q: Do you have a favourite Lycon product?

Vanilla Hot Wax is my favourite. If I’m feeling extra fancy, I add a little bit of So Berry in there too - it creates such a lovely marbled effect and smells insane! Lycon is the crème de la crème of the waxing industry in my opinion, and I make sure every client knows it. My favourite retail product is Ingrown X-it all the way. I mean, what a product! This is by far the product I sell the most of. It’s honestly a dream...

Q: How have you been keeping busy this lockdown, and have you got any advice for clients at home, unable to access their salons?

Lockdown has given me so much time to reflect and jot down new business ideas. I’m doing a lot of business development and seeing how I can push my business even further in the next year. My advice is to hang in there! Think of how amazing the glow up will be after lockdown - the come back is always better than the set back. When it’s time to re-open, let us do our thing! 

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