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Article: How To Support Salons While They Are Closed

How To Support Salons While They Are Closed


We hate to say it, but it looks like we might be locked down for a little while longer 😑 Now more than ever, even if you can't book in your next waxing appointment quite yet, we urge waxing clients everywhere to please support your salons in other ways!

One thing we have seen spoken about A LOT this year is "shop local", and we couldn't agree more. When you shop locally with specialist suppliers (like your favourite salon), you will: shop safer, be treated as a valued customer, receive advice from experts, support your community and have access to brands that are not available elsewhere (like LYCON!). We create professional-quality retail products that are specifically designed by our waxing experts to improve skin texture, address waxing-specific contra-actions and keep you hair-free for longer in between treatments. We have seen so many of our wonderful salons reaching out to clients offering free video consultations & recommendations - you won't find that in a high street retailer 💪 Next time, before you nip out to pick up a new moisturiser from Boots, maybe see if your favourite salon is currently selling retail online and buy through them instead!

Another really fantastic (free!) way to support your favourite salon is by engaging with their social media posts - these pesky algorithms often mean that if you aren't liking, saving and commenting on their posts, Instagram will start to bury them 💀 When a post receives a ton of engagement, this signals to the Instagram algorithm that the post is good content, so it will show it to more users! Help them boost their visibility by showing a little virtual support 😍 While we are on that subject, a little in-person cheerleading also wouldn't go amiss! Word of mouth is still so vital for our industry, so telling your friends about that therapist that gave you the speediest Hollywood or the most relaxing massage would be so helpful...

Although lots of salons have closed their booking platforms for now, see if you can sign up for a waitlist or even purchase a course of treatments in advance. As a client, it shows that you are making a commitment to continue supporting their business when they are finally able to reopen!

Lastly, try and leave the de-fuzzing to the experts! We know it's tempting to pick up a razor, but please don't - if you want, the results will be worth it 😍

Image sourced from Lycon Superstars: The Beauty Barn at Heage

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