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Article: Salon Spotlight: Nourish Beauty Studio


Salon Spotlight: Nourish Beauty Studio

How is it September already?! The year of 2020 was a hard one, and 2021 wasn't much better but then 2022 arrived and we got the majority of our freedom back. With beauty salons getting back to capacity, most of us returning to business as usual and our social lives resuming does anyone else feel like this year is absolutely flying by? The arrival of September means another Superstar Spotlight, and this month we are speaking with the incredible Rachael from Nourish Beauty Studio in Louth, Lincolnshire.

Rachael, tell us all about you... 

I started my journey into beauty straight from school at 16, qualifying in CIDESCO, CIBTAC & ITEC. At the time I was the youngest therapist to sit and pass the CIDESCO examinations. At 22 I was managing a salon within a local Spa where I met my business partner of 24 years. We built up a fantastic business but last year I decided I wanted to step off the rat race and change direction completely. In early July I opened my home studio where I offer premium treatments and products in luxury surroundings. I have chosen to follow a “clean beauty” route. Where possible my brands are organic, vegan, sustainable and paraben free. All products are cruelty free and my consumables are all recycled or recyclable. I have a total obsession with beauty especially homecare. You can carry out the most fantastic treatment in salon , but if the homecare isn’t followed up then the results won’t be maintained or improved upon.
I’ve been using LYCON wax for over 8 years and Pinkini is my go to and my clients favourite for intimate waxing which is a large percentage of my treatments and the biggest part of my waxing services. I’m a country girl and love to get out with the family ( which includes my dog & horse). Nothing beats fresh air for that healthy glow.


Being the youngest therapist to sit & pass the CIDESCO examinations is a huge achievement, where do you think your entrepreneurship comes from?

I grew up in a farming family where we were always expected to work from a young age. So I’ve never been afraid of hard work. I’ve always been very driven and passionate about everything I do. There’s no point doing anything half heartedly, I like to stand out from the crowd and not be a sheep.

What inspired your decision to come away from working in a salon environment to working from your home salon?

I was heading towards my 50th Birthday and working crazy hours post COVID-19. I realised it wasn’t sustainable and I wasn’t getting any time for myself or my family. I also wanted to be able to follow my own route. I wanted Nourish Beauty Studio to be an intimate, professional, relaxed environment. With over 30 years as a Beauty Professional, I am committed to making my clients look and feel their best. I don't just offer treatments, I offer solutions. I wanted to offer premium quality non commercial brands which are good for us & the world we live in. Working alone meant I could keep a tight control of my ethics.
Do you have any advice for fellow business owners that would like to switch to a more sustainable, ‘clean beauty’ approach?
The Beauty industry is one of the largest there is and is renowned for using chemicals toxins and preservatives. Looking at nature the areas which flourish and are healthier are the ones which are away from pollution. By taking a clean beauty approach we help the skin and body to strengthen and work more efficiently. Clean Beauty not only reduces the risk of clients being reactive to products or developing eczema, dermatitis, acne and sensitivity but also ourselves as therapists who are using them on a daily basis 

Moving over to being a sustainable salon is a big investment initially but the long term benefits outweigh that. No matter what steps you put in large or small. Anything that can help protect the environment and world we live in is definitely worth it. 

You have said that you have a particular obsession with beauty homecare, which of our retail products is your most recommended to clients?

I love the Ingrown X-it wipes. They’re fantastic for clients to use on topical areas of ingrown hairs, exfoliating and unblocking the follicles helping the hairs to escape. They also calm down any redness bumps and inflammation.

You have mentioned that Pinkini Hot Wax is your favourite LYCON product, can you tell us what makes it your go-to?

I love the results Pinkini gives. Removing the shortest of hairs with minimal discomfort and leaving the skin super smooth and soft. The fragrance isn’t overpowering so gives the treatment room a lovely aroma.

Where did you hear about LYCON and what makes you continue to be a loyal customer? 

I was getting asked more and more for intimate waxing and strip wax just wasn’t quick and efficient enough. After lots of research LYCON was the waxing system that stood out from the crowd and a name clients ask for. LYCON customer service is great too!  


Finally, a question I love to ask all of our Spotlight Superstars… Do you have any words of wisdom or just a quote you like to say at Nourish Beauty Studio?

Follow your dreams no matter how big they are. Everything is possible.

What a lovely quote, and very true! Thank you for speaking with us, it has been a pleasure chatting with you and hearing all about your beauty journey.  

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