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Article: Salon Spotlight: Skin & Beauty Clinic

Salon Spotlight: Skin & Beauty Clinic

It's that time again! For this month's Superstar Spotlight we will be speaking with the wonderful Ellie from the award winning Skin & Beauty Clinic in Tenterden. Ellie is going to be talking all things LYCON, words of wisdom & how to manage a successful salon. 


Ellie, tell us a bit about you... 

I am a CIDESCO and AABTH beauty trained in 2005, in Sydney, Australia. Beauty has always been my passion which is shown through my treatments. I am is constantly reading and studying about the skin and skin care products on the market to make sure the client has the best possible advice and treatment
I have completed Bachelor of Science in Nursing and received a First Class Honours degree. I am a registered nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I work alongside the clinic in the NHS at a world renown hospital that specialises in skin treatments.
The clinic recently won an award for Best Beauty Salon of the Year in Kent 2022, and I was a semi-finalist for the prestigious BABTAC and CIBTAC Beauty Therapist of the year in 2016 and 2022.

Wow, what a CV! 

You have previously said that you are ‘Absolutely fanatical about LYCON’, tell us what you love about it...

LYCON is the best and only wax I would work with. I’ve tried others and they don’t compare, the client always notes it’s as painless as a wax can be, there’s less inflammation and irritation and from a therapist point of view the wax is easy to manipulate, never cracks and there’s never any need to tweezer due to being able to safely wax over up to 6 times with reapplication of oil.


Skin & Beauty Clinic was voted as the 2021 Best Beauty Salon in Kent by Muddy Stilettos & was also voted Best Beauty Salon in Kent by Prestige in 2022. Ellie, what do you think are the key factors that have elevated your salon to such success?

Education is key, I’m always learning and wanting to give my clients the best. I’m hugely passionate about the beauty industry and regulation within the beauty business industry. I love coming to work, it never feels like a job and I have a fabulous group of ladies working with us who are just as passionate. I think it’s important to never stay stagnant and continue to grow.


What is your favourite LYCON product & why?

Ingrown X-it Solution! The best ingrow product on the market - game changer for clients who have struggled for years with ingrown hairs, this product never fails to work it’s magic.

What are your top 3 tips for the ultimate LYCON intimate wax?

1. Making the client feel comfortable! Communication and being able to put them at ease. If the client is nervous, ask them to stretch to help distract. 

2. Don’t be nervous! Ask the client to move about to get every last hair - there’s nothing worse then getting home after a wax and noticing some stray hairs

3. Definitely use the back of the previous strip to lift of the current strip - never flick!

Ellie, you trained with us in Australia, LYCON’s motherland! Moving to the UK and opening your own salon is quite the adventure, what advice do you have for others wanting to start running their own salon? 

If your wanting to do it - just do it!! Sometimes looking too far ahead and worrying how? can stop you taking a leap of faith, make a solid plan and take the first step. You don’t just get to the other side of a river by jumping, put in the stepping stones and focus on the first goal and you’ll end up at the other side!!


Lastly, any final words of wisdom or just a quote you like to say at the Skin & Beauty Clinic?

If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life ☺️


Well, that is a personal favourite quote of my own so I absolutely love that advice! Also, putting in the 'stepping stones' makes our goals seem so much more achievable, what a beautiful way to word it - I am inspired! Thank you so much for speaking with us Ellie, we will leave everyone with some wonderful reviews you have received! 


"Great Salon. Always made to feel very welcome. Staff all very professional and knowledgeable" - Suzi Hinge

"Recently moved into the area, and was looking for a new salon! So glad I found the skin and beauty clinic! Ellie was so welcoming, kind and friendly! Had the most gentle wax ever! Looking forward to going back for more treatments!" - Emel Akram

"Excellent service as usual from this clinic,
It really doesn’t matter which therapist you have as they are all outstanding" - Alison

"Very welcoming and professional, always a great service whenever I visit. Highly recommend" - Anonymous

"My experience today was excellent as usual. I am a older lady, I do still bother about my appearance. Ellie makes me feel very comfortable and does a fantastic job" - Susie Collins

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