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Article: Salon Spotlight: Scratch Salon


Salon Spotlight: Scratch Salon

This month we are speaking with two wonderful ladies from Scratch Nail & Beauty Salon in Stourbridge. We will be nattering with both Chantal Chambers, Owner of Scratch Salon & Jennie Ingram the LYCON wax therapist there. Scratch Salon has won multiple awards including Nail Bar of the Year in 2020 and has a 5 star rating at Good Salon Guide. If you are close enough to visit Scratch, you absolutely should! Not only because they have their very own Moet Champagne bar to welcome you but because you will experience the most luxury treatments accompanied by a premium service. Chantal, tell us all about Scratch and your lovely team of ladies...


Scratch Nail and Beauty salon is located in the West Midlands, we opened in 2004 and we are the forefront of nails and beauty in the local area. We are a team of 7, 4 nail techs, 2 beauticians and a qualified nurse who runs a skin clinic. We are award winning. We started using LYCON back in 2016 and it has been amazing for the salon, our clients love it! It’s so gentle and our clients love the hot wax and oils. Jennie is our LYCON specialist and would not use anything else now! Not many salons in our area use it so Jennie is very popular for waxing.


Chantal, you took over Scratch when you were just 24, that's an enormous achievement at such a young age. How did you find the transition from being an employee at Scratch for many years to then owning and running it?                                                                                                                           

I knew how the salon worked as I started there at 18. The risk didn’t feel too scary , although when I look back it was young to be taking a salon on but it was the best thing I ever did. I have grown and grown the business, I want to remain grounded and even though I own the salon I remain still working as a nail tech. I love what I do. Running a salon and working in there can be challenging but I manage it well and I have amazing girls too, couldn’t do it without their support. We al bounce of each other and it works. 


You have this AMAZING Moet Champagne bar in-salon that I bet customers just adore! How else do you ensure that you deliver that luxury experience for your clients?

We offer the best treatments and I believe use the best brands in-salon. I want to offer a service that I would want. I like to aim high and set the bar. Every client that steps into Scratch has a VIP experience. We look after every clients needs and offer a friendly but very professional service to all our clients.

Did you ever have any doubts or worries about taking over Scratch, if so how did you overcome them?

I naturally had a few worries but I believed in myself and I still now take every day in my stride. I take each day at a time and try not to overthink situations. That’s something you get better at as you get older. 



Jennie, as the LYCON waxing specialist at Scratch, we have lots of questions for you too! But first, please do tell us all about you... 

I qualified in beauty therapy in 2005 after a 2 year course at BCU. I loved my course and particularly loved waxing, facials and eyebrows. I started my beauty career in a spa and was trained in Elemis , Decelor and Guinot.

I then left to work in a local salon and had the opportunity to start working at Scratch in 2013. It was then that I decided to train in the LYCON waxing system, which gave me my passion for waxing. I absolutely love it! It’s given me great confidence in all my waxing treatments, and my customers are always happy.

You mentioned that training with LYCON is what gave you your confidence in all of your waxing treatments. Why do you think LYCON helps you feel more confident?

I feel more confident because you learn a really good routine, and with using the pre wax oil - it’s hard to go wrong! The worry of burning or bruising a client has disappeared. My clients are always happy! 

Can you tell us your top 5 favourite LYCON products?

1. Pre-Waxing Oil - you can never have too much.

2. Desert Rose Lycojet Hot Wax - I have found it to be the best hot wax for all the sensitive areas. It doesn’t rip the hairs, and gets a great grip on even the smallest of hairs.

3. Azulene Strip Wax - I love this on the legs and larger areas. It also doesn’t rip the hairs and leaves a smooth finish.

4. Soothing Cream - it smells gorgeous and gets rid of any sticky residue left on the skin.
5. Ingrown X-it Solution Spray - this has really helped my clients who suffer from ingrown hairs.

What made you decide to train with LYCON and what advice do you have for other beauty therapists thinking of doing the same?

I used to use strip wax for Hollywoods, which was ok - but I never felt 100% confident and I was always worried about hurting my client. A friend of mine was training in LYCON, and wanted me to be her model (as she didn’t want to have the waxing herself after just having a baby). I couldn’t believe the difference in the feeling, it was so much less painful. From there, I went straight to book myself on the course and never looked back. If you want to do well with intimate waxing - I couldn’t recommend LYCON enough!

You said that you loved waxing eyebrows during your BCU beauty course. Are eyebrows still your favourite treatment or do you have a new favourite now?

I still love doing eyebrows! You can make such a difference to someone’s face with a good tint and shape. But, intimate waxing is also now one of my favourite treatments too!

What are your top 3 tips for a flawless Hollywood Wax?

My top tips for a flawless Hollywood are...

1. Never forget your oil! If in doubt that you have put it on... add more!
2. If you leave a few hairs in, don’t be scared to go over the area again - as long as you use your oil! It will come out after a second go.
3. If you pull the wax and it doesn’t want to come off, try pulling the opposite way. You will never find you self stuck like with standard waxes.

Finally, a question for both of you that I love to ask all of our Spotlight Superstars… Do you have any words of wisdom or just a quote you like to say at Scratch Salon?

Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and be unique. Stand out from the rest. We at Scratch Salon sure do, and we do that by doing our very best day to day. 

Thank you so much to both of you for taking the time to speak with us, we have loved hearing all about Scratch!

We will leave you with some of the lovely reviews that Scratch Salon has received....

"Beautiful salon, the new refurb is really classy. Always feel welcomed! All the ladies are lovely" - Sharnie Jones
"Highly recommend scratch. There’s always such a warm, friendly atmosphere in the salon. The ladies are so professional and friendly and brilliant at what they do. I wouldn’t go anywhere else" - Claire Coleyshaw
"Amazing salon run by friendly professional nail technicians and therapists" - Sara Collins
"Lovely friendly place, all the staff make you feel welcome" - Jeremy Nash

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