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Article: Salon Spotlight: Beautique, Loughborough

Salon Spotlight: Beautique, Loughborough

Welcome to our new Spotlight feature: giving our amazing LYCON UK users an opportunity to shine. 

With unrivalled results, almost pain-free treatments and a network of fantastic therapists using our products, clients Worldwide know and trust LYCON. We want to showcase our therapists and salons - the people that you see on a monthly basis to have your favourite treatments

This month we speak to Clare Gleadell, owner of the Award Winning Beautique salon in Loughborough. They are well-loved in their community, with hundreds of five-star reviews as a testament to the team's professionalism, the quality of the treatments and overall standard of the salon. So when she took the plunge and opened her own salon in 2011, LYCON was her first choice of wax. In this Spotlight, we discuss how her ethos of quality has driven the growth of the business and helped it flourish over the past 10 years, and how you should always "expect the unexpected"...


Q: Clare, when you opened your business at the age of 26, did you have a particular driving concept to ensure it's success?

My ethos was to combine the highest quality products with skilled, dedicated beauty professionals to deliver the best service in our area. When we first opened the concept was something new in our area, with the first floor being a Brow and Lash Bar and three stories which host our private treatment rooms. We are the highest rated Google rated salon in our area and have won multiple awards; the salon will celebrate 10 years in business this year which is a huge milestone and something that I am thankful to my wonderful team and clients for every day.


Q: What advice do you have for other budding entrepreneurs looking to set up their own beauty business?

Make a business plan, know your Why, and learn the rest as you go! People in our industry are generally creative, so can often be put off by the 'business' side of things - but actually these things go hand in hand. Part of being self-employed is taking risks and working hard, but it can be so rewarding. Learning how to manage cashflow, understanding my costs and being financially literate have enabled me to weather the storm that has been Covid. Expect the unexpected (this year has taught us that) and always look at at the bigger picture!

Q: When did you first learn about LYCON?

I first heard about LYCON when it became a known fact that the likes of Victoria Beckham wouldn't go anywhere else but Strip Wax Bar in London for their waxing. I was intrigued and wanted to be a part of this cult brand, because average does not interest me. I wanted waxing in my salon to be luxurious. This was when my journey with Lycon began, and 10 years later I have never looked back!

Waxing is a firm favourite treatment for my therapists to do, the products look, feel and smell amazing and the technique is second to none. 

My favourite LYCON Hot Wax has to be Apricot.. I have tried them all over the years but always come back to this. The colour and consistency is just beautiful.

Q: Do you have any advice you would give clients before attending a waxing appointment?

Relax, if you have any questions or concerns read the FAQ on our website or give us a call. Our clients have learned to look forward to their monthly wax, not dread it!

Q: What treatment are you best-known for?

Hollywood - all the way! It's also my favourite waxing treatment to carry out. I am a perfectionist and just love that neat, clean perfect finish, and my clients' reactions are always so rewarding. They feel a million dollars.  Our Male intimate & sports waxing has also become hugely popular.


Q: How are you keeping busy in Lockdown 3.0?

We have refurbished the salon and had a good clear out, which always feels good! We have been continually upskilling by taking online training courses, and of course, taking some time to relax, spend time with my son, homeschooling, walking, cooking.. anything to keep positive. I think that is key. 

One thing has always stayed with me from my early days: a friend who was a business owner wrote a congratulations card to me on opening with the words 'expect the unexpected' and I have always kept that in the back of my mind... 

Q: Lastly, have you got any advice for clients at home, unable to access their salons?

Wait for your salon! If needs be, trim your hair, but don't shave as it will take you back to square one, and make your next wax more uncomfortable. 

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