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Article: Salon Spotlight: Rachel Penny, Waxilla

Salon Spotlight: Rachel Penny, Waxilla

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on the fabulous waxing specialist of Waxilla, Rachel Penny.
Discover the inspiring story of how Rachel and her three daughters have turned their passions into a thriving venture, bringing joy, confidence, and a whole variety of beauty to all of their clients! Focussing not only on waxing wisdom, we’re celebrating family bonds and the incredible journey of building a successful beauty business together.
Rachel Penny, Waxilla

Let's start by diving into the wonderful world of Waxilla. Rachel, tell us where it all started…

I’m 51 years old and live and work in Liverpool. During Covid, I took a good hard look at where I was in my life and decided that it was time to achieve some of my goals.

Waxing has always been a passion of mine, so I decided to take the plunge and complete the LYCON training course in London. It was the best decision I’ve made as I absolutely love what I do and the clients that I have – Waxilla was born!

I work with my daughters Holly, April and Joy: Holly owns ‘Scandihut Beauty and Well-being’ and offers bio sculpture nails as well as eyelash extensions, April offers massage, and Joy organises the timetables and online booking system. We offer all of our treatments in our beautiful Scandinavian cabin.Scandi Hut Beauty and WellbeingWe’re curious; where did the name Waxilla come from?

I wanted a memorable name that incorporated the service/product that I offered. Waxilla is snappy and memorable.

What’s your top tip for a successful waxing treatment?

Sheen not shine! Getting those little hairs and giving the client the best possible experience and finish is my top priority. I’m quite meticulous… I love mowing my lawn (haha!) – there is definitely some connection there!

Do you have a hero LYCON product?

I have just started using the LYCON tinting products and the clients love them. I do have a high demand for tint and wax, and the fact that LYCON offers tinting products seemed perfect. LYCON is a trusted brand and it seemed fitting to keep the products aligned.

What challenges did you face while setting up your business and how did you overcome them?

Holly runs Scandihut Health and Well-being and it just seemed a perfect fit to introduce a LYCON waxing service, but because April offers massage, we always had to work together to ensure our appointments weren’t overlapping. We overcame any clashes with Joy – literally! Joy makes sure that we are utilising the space and our time effectively, as well as monitoring the online booking system. She is SO organised!

Scandi Hut Beauty and Wellbeing, Holly, Rachel, April, Joy

From left to right: Holly, Rachel, April and Joy


Our founders are sisters, so we love that you’ve also kept it in the family! Can you share any memorable moments you've had while working with your daughters so far?

I am no-longer “the mum” when we work together. Holly refers to me as Rachel. I have no idea why! The conversations are hilarious – I just do as I am told!

Shared laughter is a testament to the special connection you have with your daughters, as both a mother and a colleague. What lessons have you learned from running a business alongside your daughters?

I wished we had done this 10 years earlier. We have the best time working together and we are all very motivated and positive – we can all be ourselves. We are a great team and are all passionate about what we do.

Your teamwork undoubtedly brings a special energy and dynamic to your business, making it a truly unique and remarkable venture. Can you give any advice to others considering starting something similar?

Holly, April, Joy and myself are all professionals; we have other jobs. Holly and myself both work in the Advice Sector. April is training to be an engineer and a Joy an accountant. I also volunteer for the Samaritans but, hopefully one day, we could all give it up. I would still stick to the voluntary work but work for myself. I am working on expanding my client base.

My advice would be. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself both mentally or financially. Take your time and enjoy the journey you will reap the rewards. Always be kind!

And finally, tell us about your favourite part of your job?

The best part is getting to know the clients. I’m so curious and love a good story. I’m genuinely interested in what people are about – whether that’s personal views or opinions, I love it. Maybe that’s the Advice work that comes out in me.

Absolutely – your ability to create a safe space for people to share their personal views and opinions is a gift! Getting to know clients and hearing their stories is one of the most rewarding aspects of working in the beauty industry. It's amazing how much we can learn and grow by genuinely connecting with others. Keep embracing your inquisitive nature and the advice work that comes naturally to you.

We’re so excited for the future that lies ahead for Rachel and her daughters – together, they're bringing their passions, expertise and a whole lot of love to the world of beauty.


Waxilla Logo



Phone: 07904526542

Address: Scandi Hut Beauty and Wellbeing, 10 Hartdale Road, Thornton, Liverpool, L231TA

Instagram: @waxilla.waxing & @scandihutbeautyandwellbeing

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