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Article: Salon Spotlight: Jess McLeay AKA Dr Wax


Salon Spotlight: Jess McLeay AKA Dr Wax

Meet the Waxing Extraordinaire: Jess McLeay AKA Dr Wax!

With an impressive 13 years of experience within the beauty industry, Jess offers an array of waxing services, ranging from the ever-popular Hollywood to the realm of male waxing, all while nurturing meaningful connections with her clients.

Jess's infectious energy and commitment to excellence mark the dawn of her journey to reshape the beauty world, supported by a strategic yet charming marketing approach. As she embarks on this dynamic path of growth, she shares her insights, wisdom, and dedication to the art of waxing in our latest spotlight.

The doctor will see you now…

Jess AKA Dr. Wax

So, Jess, tell us a little about yourself…

I'm Jess, but you can call me "Dr Wax"!

With 13 years of beauty industry experience under my belt, I've found my true passion in waxing and am proud to be part of Doll Beauty and MANE in Chester. I offer a range of waxing services, including the ever-popular Hollywood and even male waxing. My clients mean the world to me, and I love catching up on their lives, from pregnancy to juicy dating stories.

2023-2024 is my time for growth, and I'm ready to take the beauty world by storm. Social media may have been a challenge at first, but now with a savvy marketing and PR consultant, I'm ready to dazzle the digital world!

I'm absolutely thrilled that I chose to train in LYCON. It lays the foundation for exceptional treatments, and the best part is, my clients keep coming back for more, becoming not just regulars but cherished friends. It makes for light work!

Doll HQ Salon in Chester

Being your own brand sounds like an empowering journey! Can you share the inspiration behind the name Dr Wax and how it reflects your unique identity as a waxing expert?

I have the ultimate ‘girl boss’ friends who are always pushing me to do better and come out of my comfort zone; Dani Gregory (owner of Doll Beauty) was the reason I chose to start up on my own – after working for Doll Beauty and Dani, knowing my love for waxing, she pushed me to take the leap of faith!

The reason behind ‘Dr Wax’ isn’t actually all that exciting… I’d decided I was going to do the LYCON training and that I wanted to wear pink scrubs (mainly for comfort) and initially, I had called myself something totally different, but it was one of the girls in the salon who come up with the name after seeing what I’d decided to wear for uniform!

People often ask me: “Is waxing all you do?” …It is! And, I’m busy enough offering just that!

Waxing is not just a job for me; it's my passion and expertise. My most popular treatment is a Hollywood but I offer a comprehensive range of waxing services, including male waxing.

Hollywood Before and After by Dr Wax

Hollywood is always a customer favourite. For those who are new to this, what makes it a go-to choice, and do you have any tips for first-timers?

The results are like nothing else, no razor, hair removal cream or otherwise can get close to the results of a LYCON Hollywood wax! Smooth as a baby's bum is an understatement!

For first-timers my main advice is “DON'T OVERTHINK IT” - I promise 99% of my first time clients say: “It was nowhere near as bad as I’d hyped it up to be in my head”.

Aside from that, exfoliating the night before and coming in loose clothing is really the only thing you need to do before your first wax.

What advice would you give to men who might be hesitant to try waxing for the first time?

It's 2023, and so many more men are taking care of themselves better now. It's much more “normal” (for want of a better word) for men to come for treatments such as waxing, whether it's general grooming, holiday prep or otherwise.

I have helped bodybuilders to prepare for competitions, male cyclists who regularly wax their legs, and even men who get dragged in by their girlfriends pre-holiday! If you're unsure a good therapist will always answer your questions, so send a message and hopefully you'll be instantly reassured.

In terms of the sensation of waxing, find a local LYCON Specialist as it’s the most comfortable formula for waxing.

Underarm Before and After by Dr Wax

We love your dedication to waxing, Dr Wax! But we're curious, was there a "lightbulb" moment when you knew that waxing was your true calling?

I’ve travelled the world providing treatments on cruise ships, I had my own salon after returning from the cruise ships, then I was head hunted for a job in cosmetic retail where I spent the next few years working for large cosmetic companies (such as Clarins and L’Occitane), managing their spas and beauty counters.

When I had my little boy back in 2021, I knew I wasn’t going back to the more corporate side of the beauty industry and wanted to go back to my roots of “hands-on” treatments, so I could be flexible and work around my new family life. I decided to train in the iconic LYCON Waxing System, and honestly, I couldn’t have imagined what was about to happen…

I started in Doll Beauty (the most beautiful pink salon) in Chester, and my love for all things waxing just grew. Since my little one started nursery, I have now opened my diary to a second location: the stunning MANE also in Chester. Plus, I’m currently in talks with another well-known salon...

I work long hours on these days to accommodate all my clients - I never realised how busy I would actually be! It’s the perfect fit around a busy family life.

Mane Salon in Chester

You're the waxing extraordinaire in Chester, and now expanding to new locations! How do you manage to keep up with such a busy schedule and still find time for yourself and your family?

I can't say it’s easy, but working long days and fitting as many of my clients in, in the time I've  got and then making the most of my time off with my family just works for me.

Me and my partner are also doing a full-house renovation and we are currently staying with family, so we have plenty of hands to help things go smoothly – we clearly don't like to do things by halves!

In 2023-2024, as my little one starts preschool, I'll have more free time to dedicate to my passion: waxing! I'm excited to grow and excel in my expertise, offering my clients even more exceptional waxing experiences.

Being a mum and managing your workload across different locations is no small feat. What's your secret to staying positive, motivated, and fabulous amidst the hustle and bustle?

I just love what I do – I am so grateful to have grown such a great client base; I love seeing them all and catching up on the events in their lives. I’ve seen some clients the whole way through their pregnancy and now they bring their little ones to their appointments! I also love hearing dating stories, being an ear when someone needs to vent and just generally talking and laughing with my clients. All of that is more than enough to keep me going!

You've built fantastic relationships with your clients, and they adore you for more than just your waxing skills. Can you share a heartwarming or funny client story that has left a lasting impression?

My treatment bed is like a therapist's couch, my clients come to me with all sorts of stories, but not stories I can share! The other girls in the salon often say to me: “We always wonder what you're doing in there because waxing can be so uncomfortable, but all we ever hear is uncontrollable laughter!”. To me, that is just the best thing to be known for. I hope my clients can say they enjoyed their treatment for more than just the results.

Being a waxing superstar has its challenges! Tell us about how you’ve tackled marketing yourself in this ever-changing digital landscape.

With my schedule booming, I must admit, I neglected my social media for a while. No posts, no updates, nothing! But I'm taking charge of my online presence now. I've enlisted the help of a fabulous Marketing and PR Consultant who's all about growth and totally gets my vision. She's already making magic happen, taking my platform to new heights! I couldn't be more excited about what's in store for the next year.

Dr Wax on Social Media

Your social media has certainly caught our eye already! You're a true testament to the power of the LYCON Waxing System. Do you have a favourite LYCON product or range, and why is it your go-to?

My favourite wax is the ‘So Berry’ crème wax – it’s pink, the aroma is amazing, and I find the formulation the best for intimate waxing. I  also couldn't live without the Pinkini Finishing Lotion, it smells divine and it’s the perfect solution to cool the skin and hydrate after your wax.

Your journey is incredibly inspiring. If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring beauty professionals, what would it be?

Stop thinking about it and just take the plunge… it's so worth it!

The beauty industry is the best, everyone is so supportive, the clientele become friends and as long as you're working on building yourself and others up, positive things will happen. I can’t recommend LYCON enough – do the training and see what happens!

We can't wait to see what the future holds for Dr Wax, and we'll be cheering her on as she continues to inspire others with her approach to beauty and share her infectious laughter – after all, it’s the best medicine!

Don’t forget to follow the doctors’ orders: take the plunge, believe in yourself, and let your passion guide you. With the power of LYCON, your beauty community and unwavering determination, the possibilities are truly endless.

Hollywood Before and After with Dr Wax


Phone: 07444573283

Address: Chester

Instagram: @doctorrwax


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