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Article: Pre & Post Natal Waxing: Your Questions Answered

Pre & Post Natal Waxing: Your Questions Answered

Today we are talking about pre & post natal hair removal; something that doesn't really get discussed very often in the media, and therefore an area that raises a lot of questions for expectant and new mothers. Life doesn't stop when you get pregnant, and while we understand that not everyone will fancy having a wax, we are here for those that do, to answer your frequently asked questions...

Do I have to stop waxing because I am pregnant?

No. There is a myth that pregnancy means you can't get waxed, and we are here to bust that misconception! In fact, clients can be waxed all the way up to their third trimester 🤰 The golden rule when waxing mammas-to-be is that comfort. is. key. And let's be honest, there isn't a more comfortable option than Lycon! Things to remember:

  1. Your therapist will modify your treatment positions slightly to work around the bump - don't worry if you aren't as agile as before!

  2. If your legs are feeling a little achey, make sure you ask for a couple of supportive towels or if you can rest for a while.

  3. It's normal to feel a little more sensitive in that area due to hormonal changes (just like around your period).

  4. We don't currently recommend using the Ingrown X-it products on pregnant clients - as with many things, this is not because it has been proven to be unsafe, but rather that testing products on pregnant ladies is not the done thing.

Should I remove new excess hair while pregnant?

Your hair growth can change a lot while you're pregnant and after you give birth - don't say we didn't warn you! Many women experience new thicker hair growth around the chin, upper lip, lower back, the line from your stomach to your pubic area, and around your nipples. Fab. If you find yourself a little hairier than before and it is making you feel uncomfortable, get rid of it. The good news is, about six months or so after giving birth, your hair and nails will return to normal.

How soon after a vaginal birth can I be waxed?

It depends. For some people, getting a wax after they have given birth is the last thing on their mind, but you might be surprised at how many eager beavers (excuse the pun!) would like to get waxed straight away! The good news for those of you that are that way inclined, is that if you are comfortable and have no tearing or stitches, there's no medical reason you cant be waxed almost immediately. If you have an Episiotomy or need stitches, you will need to wait until you have fully healed before you will be able to have a Hollywood/Brazilian, this can take anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months, so we would always recommend checking in with your doctor or midwife (might be good to bring up at your 3 month check-up) before booking in your appointment. That's not to say you can't be waxed at all! In the meantime, if you're desperate for a tidy up, why not book in for a standard Bikini or G-string until the area has healed. Your therapist should easily be able to work around the areas and make sure you are feeling comfortable.

How long after a C-section do I have to wait?

The general healing time for this type of scar is around 6 weeks, although we wouldn't recommend waxing directly over the scar tissue for 6 months. Not to worry - as long as the skin is healed, your therapist can work around it, and most of the time, they wont even need to touch the area.

What if I look different after having a baby?

As waxing therapists, we can honestly say that we have seen so many Vulvas, we wouldn't be able to pick our own out of a line up. It's our job and we seriously don't judge. Don't take this the wrong way but therapists don't care about what you look like before OR after you give birth - we see hair, we remove it!

How do I let my salon know about mobility issues while pregnant or after giving birth?

During your booking or consultation, let your therapist know that you are feeling nervous as it will allow them to schedule a little more time for your treatment. Don't be afraid to let your therapist know if you are feeling uncomfortable or need them to slow down. If you are feeling nervous, you can ask: for them to apply smaller sections, where you can stretch to distract yourself, to relax your leg in between patches or for a pillow to support achey thighs.

Can I bring my baby to my waxing appointment?

This is down each individual salon. Make sure you check when you're booking not only if they are 'child-friendly' but the more practical things like: are there any steps to negotiate, do they have space to keep the buggy, if they offer a mum-friendly session as some point during the weeks! If you are booking in for an underarm wax, we would recommend breastfeeding or expressing beforehand as it can be super uncomfortable if you are engorged...

And on that pleasant note, that brings us to the end of our FAQs. If you have any concerns or questions, please drop us an email on or comment below!

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