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Article: Achieve a Spa-worthy Pedicure at Home

Achieve a Spa-worthy Pedicure at Home

Imagine it: one day soon (hello Spring!), you get the urge to put on a pair on sandals - but then you glace down and instead of smooth, pampered feet, you see cracked heels 👀, hard calluses 😨 and scaly dinosaur skin 💀

Well don't worry, the skincare experts at LYCON have developed the most dreamy formulas to care for worse-for wear feet and we are going to tell you how to use them!



If you haven't already, we recommend removing any nail polish and trimming your nails before starting your pedicure

Step One: Soak & Sit Back 😌

Dissolve a couple of pumps of the Lyco'Pedi Refreshing Soak in a basin of warm water, and place both feet into the foot bath. Pop on a podcast, sit back and relax while you allow your feet to soak for a few minutes. When those glorious minutes are up, remove both feet from the water and dry well.

Optional Cuticle Stage

This is optional for home use - but really, no therapist would let you leave without addressing your cuticles. Once your skin is nice and supple, it's time to turn your attention to your cuticles. Leave cutting/trimming to the professionals, but there's no harm in using an orange stick to carefully push back the cuticles! When you are satisfied, apply a little cuticle oil to enhance the shine, health, and overall strength of your nails.

Step Two: Scrub and Buff 💪

If you have got some really tough calluses, start by buffing away dead skin using a foot file/rasp. Make sure you use a dry pedicure paddle, to avoid damaging the delicate skin underneath. Then, apply a small scoop of lyco’pedi Sugar Scrub to each foot and lower leg. Dampen hands with a little water and start to really work into the feet and lower leg with moderate pressure in circular motions with the palm of your hand, concentrating on callused areas. This can be a bit tickly, but feels amazing! Once you are feeling thoroughly scrubbed, wash off the product and towel dry.

Step Three: Massage 💆

Now for completely self-indulgent part: massage. It feels heavenly and the beautiful things is, it's an area we can actually massage ourselves - remind me why I don't do this every day? Apply lyco’pedi Massage Lotion to feet and legs and massage for 3-4 minutes per leg. Knuckle and knead the soles of the feet, and use circular motions around the ankles. Wipe off with a nice warm towel.

Step Four: Stay Hydrated 💦

My personal favourite moment of the whole pedicure: The Hydrating Mask. Apply liberally to feet and legs, cover with dry warm towels or even better, cling film to lock in the moisture. Leave on at least 5 minutes before removing (either with warm water or a dry towel). 

Step Five: Smooooooooth 😍

Nooo that means the pedicure is coming to an end! In this final step, massage in the gorgeous soothing and rejuvenating lyco’pedi Smoothing Cream. This intensely nourishing formula is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Pro Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter which will ensure that your feet stay hydrated and looking gorgeous in those hypothetical sandals 😉

You can now buy the Lyco'Pedi Party Feet set here

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