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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Tinted Brows for the Festive Season with Supercilium

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Tinted Brows for the Festive Season with Supercilium

I know that sometimes patch testing can sometimes feel like and chore but be wary of anywhere that does not enforce a patch testing policy.

Beauty Triangle's Ultimate Guide to Festive Brow Tint Perfection:


'Tis the season to slay with stunning brows! Whether you're prepping for family feasts or ringing in the New Year, we've got the tips to keep your brows on point throughout the holiday hustle. In this ultimate guide, discover the secrets to maintaining tinted brows that steal the spotlight – all with the magic touch of Supercilium!

Choose Wisely: The Right Products for Maintenance

Start your brow aftercare journey by selecting the perfect products. Cleanse with care using Lycon Skin Eye Make-up Remover, a gentle solution enriched with Rose Water and Olive Squalene. This effective cleanser removes makeup effortlessly but also nourishes and moisturises, not only the delicate skin around the eyes but also the lashes and brows, with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera. It’s the first step to ensuring your tint stays vibrant from the Christmas chaos to the New Year's bash.

Brush, Style & Fix: Brows that Own the Nice List

Whether you're aiming for a feathery fantasy or a natural allure, say no to over-brushing! Incorporate sealing in your preferred brow look into your routine and resist lingering with that disposable spoolie. Instead invest in one of Supercilium premium Re-Usable Spoolies. Crafted with a copper ferrule and a wooden handle, it's perfect for brushing brows and blending makeup with holiday magic. After a brow treatment or glam session, guide your brows in the right direction. It's the key to a holly-jolly perfect finish!

Secure your flawless look with Supercilium Brow Control the holiday miracle that delivers a  24-hour brow lamination effect. Get that trendy feathery brow by brushing hairs upwards at a 90-degree angle. Brush your brows in an up and outwards motion following your natural shape for natural yet polished look. With this universal transparent wax and a mini brush, for on the go touch ups, it's your secret to brows that stay put without a hint of haze or flakiness.

For that just-had-a-pro-makeup-artist moment, Sharpen up the look with our Brow Micro Concealer. It sculpts and highlights the brows to let them pop like your first bottle of Christmas Campagne. Creating a sharp line below the lower brow line works as a highlighter for the brows. The trick is to choose a colour that is lighter than your own skin tone. Brow Micro Concealer is waterproof and sweatproof so you can dance your night away at that Christmas party with fab brows. For the perfect look, leave the concealer line at the beginning of the brow (first 1.5 cm). Grab the Supercilium Blending Brush and blend the concealer smoothly out to the tail of the brow.

Fight the Festive Fade

Beware of chemicals and sun exposure fading your tinted glory. Protect your brows with Supercilium’s Nourishing defence balm. With SPF 30 it is the perfect nourishing balm to protect the brows and skin from free radicals, UVA and UVB rays. If you're jetting off to warmer climes, Rinse regularly with fresh water, reapply sun protection, and don a stylish hat to fend off the effects of poolside lounging.

Whether you’re doing a DIY tint at home or visiting a professional, choosing a high-quality tint to get the results your brows deserve is as important as getting on the nice list. Supercilium's intense, long-lasting pigments help combat the fade. Adjust processing times if suitable, for a darker look to see you through the festive period and enjoy tinted skin for up to 9 days with Supercilium Lash & Brow Dye or 2 weeks with Henna Brow, leaving behind perfectly fully tinted hairs that will naturally grown out before your next treatment.

Brow Game Strong for the Festive Fête

Maintaining tinted brows is an art, and with Supercilium, consider your palette perfected. Remember the dos – choose wisely, establish a routine, fight the fade, and master styling. Avoid common pitfalls, skip harmful products, and embrace Supercilium for a brow game that steals the show. Let your brows be the star of every celebration this festive season – they've got a lot to say!

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