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Article: Step into Spring with Lush Lashes and Perfect Brows!

Step into Spring with Lush Lashes and Perfect Brows!

As festive is well and truly season is well and truly behind us, it's the perfect moment to embrace fresh lashes and brows for Spring. 

You might want healthier natural lashes or to update your brow game. Here at BTI we have you covered, with our top tips, product recommendations and research into new and upcoming lash and brow trends of  Spring/Summer 2024 so you can get head start. Elevate your routine with top-notch products like Supercilium, ensuring your lashes and brows are pampered to perfection. Let Supercilium be your trusted companion, guiding your lashes and brows into a fabulous new year as beacons of beauty. 

Want The Lashes and Brows of your Dreams?  

 Lashes and Brows tint

You might not be able to achieve your desired look in one or even two treatments so commit to regular brow and lash maintenance for enduring tinted and lifted perfection throughout the year. 

Lash and Brow Trends for Spring/Summer 2024! 

eyebrow care products

Now, let's dive into the exciting brow trends for SS2024, our Beauty Triangle gurus, foresee a shift towards personalised brow shapes that celebrate individual features. Picture soft, fluffy arches that maintain a lived-in feel, striking the perfect balance between bushy and unkempt. Our research confirms the departure from overly defined brows and heavy lashes. You may have seen thin brows are making a comeback. Anyone who winces at the thought, don’t shy away too quickly. 2024 introduces a modern twist to skinny brows – think wispy rather than '90s pencil-thin with a wash of colour for that ideal balance. 

Authenticity reigns supreme as people move away from cookie-cutter looks, opting for personalised and diverse styles where you can exude your own confidence. We’re advocating for you to embrace your natural curves and thickness, regardless of whether your brows are thick, thin, or you proudly rock a unibrow. 

natural brow look treatments

  • Prep Your Brows for the Ultimate Experience! 

Pre-treatments are all the rage. Whether they are treatment add-ons, included by your therapist, or done at home, prepping the brows for treatment is like beginning with a clean canvas. Supercilium’s Prep Peel Gel is game-changing in the brow scrub and peels emerging market.

supercilium peel

Bid farewell to dullness by banishing dead skin cells, leaving your brows refreshed and spotlight ready. With AHAs that removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores. Resulting in longer-lasting results, and isn't that all for which we are longing? 

  • Personalised Perfection with Brow Mapping 

Brows are sisters, not twins, and achieving the ideal shape involves meticulous brow mapping. Opt for a technician skilled in this art, tailoring the shape to complement your unique face. Has your preferred brow technician updated their skill and got the latest brow mapping products? 

brow mapping kit

  • Adding Dimension With The Magic of Colour  

For the finishing touch, let's talk about colour and dimension. We recommend strategically mixing light and dark shades for believable, fine-tuned brows. Avoid the flat and unnatural look by giving your brows that extra oomph. Tinting remains a royal choice, but individuality is key. Customise your tint to match your unique self, and for the adventurous, Supercilium's at-home ombre look awaits – just follow the instructions by removing tints at the right time for your personalised look and patch test responsibly! 

supercilium brow tint

  • THE PLAN for Your Lash and Brow Journey 

So, you have a vision in your head if the lashes and brows you want by this summer or even a dedicated Pinterest board or your fave celebs’ lashes and brows printed out for a vison board. You might be able to manifest those lashes and brows all on your own, but you might have more chance if you make a plan. 

Make a commitment to regular brow and lash maintenance to keep tinted and lifted perfection all year long. Your diary may already be starting to fill up with special event and dates important to you. Well get your lash and brow treatments booked in now if you can so you ae not rushing around the day before your best friend’s wedding trying to get your lashes infilled! Perhaps, your favourite tech’s diary is already open for the whole year, if not add a reminder to get those essential treatments booked in. Don’t forget to make allowances for any recommended gaps between treatments. For example, if you have a brow lamination and you want henna brow for a longer lasting look, you may need to leave it 48 hours in between those treatments. Whereas a brow lamination and tint can be done at the same time. 
brow lamination kits

Don’t forget to follow your beauty professional’s post treatment advice either. Getting your newly lifted lashes wet within the first 24 hours is a big no-no. Same with the hairdryer near your lashes or brows after lifting or lamination treatments. Yes, those hairs will snap off! 

Lashes are an art, not a science, 

Although there is plenty of science involved too, with Supercilium the hard work is done for you with professionally formulated products for healthy and natural lifted and tinted lashes. If opting for lash extensions, go for an updated look for 2024 that are fluttery and less dense. Top technicians are adept at this craft. Ever heard of a lash break? Understanding the growth cycle is the key to optimal retention. Allow your lashes to shed naturally every few months, undergo a lash analysis, be clear about your expectations to avoid any confusion and heed your technician's advice for long-lasting results. 

In conclusion, plan ahead maintenance for flawless lashes and perfectly groomed brows. Embrace the trends for your own unique style, invest in quality, and don't be shy to seek professional help when needed. Before embarking on your brow journey, strategize your treatment plan and secure a spot with your favourite technician. Timing is crucial – inquire about advanced bookings and timing between treatments for you to able to snag the perfect slot. Confidence is the final touch that will truly make you shine. Here's to a fabulous Spring, filled with elevated beauty and unstoppable confidence! Cheers! 🌟 

natural brow look

Your Input Matters! 

We value your input and experiences. Share your brow or lash dilemmas – disasters or queries – and let us be your go-to source for solutions. Our experts are ready to answer anything you throw their way. Get ready to elevate your brow game with our curated treatments and expert insights. Your brows deserve the VIP treatment – let's make it happen! 

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