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Article: Achieve a Prolonged Golden Tan with the South-Sea Pro-Long Tanning Combo

Achieve a Prolonged Golden Tan with the South-Sea Pro-Long Tanning Combo

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is eager to flaunt that perfect sun-kissed glow. At Beauty Triangle, we also share this intense desire because we know no one wants to miss La Dolce Vita. That is why we are introducing something so unique and special for this wonderful outcome which is The Pro-Long Tanning Combo with amazing South Sea products.

Pro-Long Tanning Combo by South Sea?

This Tanning Combo by South Seas is meant to enhance the natural tanning experience, it helps you get the tan without the need to get naked in the sun. Famous for its Aloe Vera-based tanning solutions, South Seas is also the go-to brand when it comes to getting the glow naturally as it has been endorsed in major TV series and programs including "Dancing with the Stars," various Netflix series, and "Good Morning America" which earned it popular name for high-standard professional provision.

This Includes:

  1. Tanning Mousse (200ml): Achieve an immaculate-looking tan immediately after application with no stickiness. Our unique and quick-drying formula lets you get dressed as soon as possible. Enjoy an even, professional finish with no streaks, ensuring a flawless look every time.

  1. Tanning Mitt: This tool helps you apply your tan like a professional. It makes the application easier, ensuring a smoother result and leaving your skin evenly tanned and smooth all over the treated area.

    With this mitt, you can achieve a flawless, professional-quality tan effortlessly.
  1. Tanning Maintain Body Wash (250ml): Gentle yet effective, this body wash cleans your skin while preserving your tan, leaving you with a gentle and radiant feel. Specifically designed to prevent your tan from fading too soon, it keeps your tan vibrant and fresh, ensuring long-lasting brilliance.

4. Moisturiser (200ml): Deeply rehydrates and nourishes your skin, a process that will boost the life of your tan radically. Gives you radiant and smooth skin.

How to Use the Pro-Long Tanning Combo for a Golden Tan:

  1. Prepare Your Skin: Start with clean, exfoliated skin to ensure an even application. Use a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells, creating a smooth canvas for the tanning mousse.

  2. Apply the Tanning Mousse: Applying the mousse with a Tanning Mitt ensures even coverage across your entire body. This method prevents streaks and marks while keeping your hands clean and protected from the product.

    The mousse should stay on your skin for at least an hour so that it gets the full effect of the tan. If you want a darker bronze colour, you should leave the mousse on your body for up to 4 hours before you shower off.

  3. Maintain Your Tan: During your shower use the Tanning Maintain Body wash (250ml). This body wash is made to help clean your skin gently without completely removing the tan and keep it fresh and colourful during the process.

  4. Hydrate Your Skin: Apply the moisturiser daily to keep your skin moisturised and healthy. Well-hydrated skin retains a tan better and looks healthier. Making moisturiser a part of your regular routine helps extend the youth and glow of your tan, ensuring your skin stays radiant and nourished.

The Benefits of Pro-Long Combo of Tanning

  1. Natural-Looking Results
  2. Convenient and Easy to Use
  3. Long-Lasting Tan
  4. Nurtures your skin

About South Seas

South Seas is a brand synonymous with high-quality tanning products and has been trusted by professionals and celebrities alike. Their products have been featured on popular TV shows such as "Dancing with the Stars," various Netflix series, and "Good Morning America," making South Seas a household name in the world of tanning. Known for their effective and safe formulations, South Seas products provide a natural-looking, streak-free tan that stands out.

Final Thoughts

To achieve an attractive, continuous tan with The Pro-Long Tanning Combo which is all you need. It comes in handy whether you are planning to have a glowing glow for a specific event or desire to always have a sun-kissed skin in the summer.

Visit out website immediately to purchase your South-Sea Pro-Long Tanning Combo today and soon enjoy the skin sparkle everyone will talk about!

This content is written by Monika Sonar, Marketing Manager at Beauty Triangle International. Feel free to share your comments and feedback.

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