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Article: 7 Ideas to Increase Your Pedicure Business


7 Ideas to Increase Your Pedicure Business

It takes more than offering great services to run a successful pedicure business. You also need to attract new clients continually, retain your current ones for longer periods and stay updated with the latest trends in the industry.

The following are seven proven techniques for growing your pedicurist enterprise:

  1. Use social media - Marketing Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are perfect for displaying examples of your pedicure work. You should post high-quality photos regularly that showcase your newest products, trendy seasonal ideas, and clients that are happy with their feet. Engage your audience by sharing foot care tips, behind the scenes looks at your salon life or running promotions. Use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience and encourage people to tag themselves at your location.

Pro tip: Hold social media contests where participants share photos of their best nail art – winners get free pedicures, but they must also tag your salon in the post!

  1. Start Loyalty Programs - These programs are to make sure people keep coming back time after time. You can have it where clients earn points from every visit (perhaps based on how much they spent) which eventually led up towards discounts or even free services redeemed at some point in future. Alternatively, there could be something like ‘buy 5 get 1 free’ deals for those who book regular appointments.

Pro tip: Ensure that the loyalty program is simple enough for everyone to understand and keep track of – maybe use a digital system accessible via an app for clients.

  1. Diversify Your Services - You should consider offering different types of pedicures to attract various kinds of people. For example, you might include things like hot stone treatments, marine collagen treatment or paraffin wax treatments on the menu alongside aromatherapy ones too. In addition, having services tailored specifically towards certain needs such athletic foot care could also potentially help set yourself apart from competitors within this niche market.

Tip: Offer bundled services like a “Pamper Package” that has a discounted rate by incorporating pedicures, manicures, and foot massages.

4. Run Seasonal Promotions - These promotions attract new clients as well as encourage current customers to try different things. For instance, have “Summer Ready Feet” where you offer trendy polish during a pedicure or “Hydrating Foot Treatment” which can be part of the winter warm-up package.

Tip: Make sure that your promotional materials such as flyers and posts on social media are attractive enough for people to notice them; also consider including gift cards in the offer.

5. Establish a Relaxing Ambiance -The environment within your beauty shop greatly influences how satisfied clients will feel after receiving their service; take this into consideration when making it more welcoming. Create an environment that is clean, comfortable, and inviting. Use relaxing music, calming scents, and comfortable chairs for seating so that they may feel like they are in a spa.

A happy relaxed customer tends to come back again as well as refer others.

Tip: Get feedback from customers concerning what could be done to improve their experience while at the same time not hesitating to implement suggested changes.

6. Retail High-Quality Foot Care Products - Another way of making some extra cash is by selling good foot care items which will also help maintain results achieved from pedicures back at home. Moisturisers, foot scrubs, foot masks and nail care kits are among the things you can sell. Teach clients how these products should be used effectively. You might want to think about stocking Lyco’pedi products that are enriched with marine collagen known for its deep skin nourishing abilities. They are not only effective but also durable thus helping clients save money on frequent purchases in the long run.

Tip: Exhibiting these products in your salon in an obvious manner and deliberating on giving them as part of a combined unit with pedicure services may also be some of the steps you follow.

7. Host Pedicure Parties Occasions such as bridal showers, birthdays or corporate events can bring clusters of new clients during pedicure parties. You could consider offering discounts to large groups of people attending such events or even create special packages for them.

Additionally, it is vital that you make their time at your spa unforgettable by providing individualised services alongside complimentary drinks.

Tip: Use social media to create awareness about the availability of these events in your beauty salon.

Furthermore, partnerships with local businesses and event organisers will go a long way in ensuring that such information reaches as many prospective customers as possible. All said and done, the points discussed above will help you grow your pedicure business by attracting new clients while retaining the old ones thus increasing sales.

Take advantage of different platforms including Facebook and Instagram among others when marketing for loyalty programs. Always update your menu so that it reflects all services offered at the establishment; this can also be done through introducing seasonal promotions which are likely to attract people with a desire for change during specific times such like holidays or weather changes. Remember clients want tranquillity. Therefore, create an environment where they feel relaxed while being attended to.


This content is written by Monika Sonar, Marketing Manager at Beauty Triangle International. Feel free to share your comments and feedback.

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