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Article: Ask the trainer : Michaela


Ask the trainer : Michaela

We sat down with BTI's longest LYCON affiliate trainer and asked her some all-important waxing therapist questions.

What inspired you to delve into beauty education and open your home salon? How do these two aspects come together in your career journey?

I was inspired to delve into beauty education and open my home salon because of my passion for beauty, aesthetics and the education that comes along with it. I love to learn, but I also love to teach and share with others what I am also passionate about too. 

Opening a home salon allowed me to start my own business, create my own schedule, and provide more personalised services for my clients in a comfortable environment. 

I believe beauty/aesthetics education is also an important aspect of opening a home salon, as it ensures that the services provided are safe, effective, and up to date with current trends and techniques.

Overall, I feel the combination of passion, creativity, and education can lead to a successful career in the beauty and aesthetics industry and the opening of a successful home salon.

Empowering Others Through Education

Education plays a vital role in the beauty industry. How does being a LYCON Affiliate Trainer allow you to empower aspiring professionals?

As a beauty trainer, I can share my wealth of knowledge and expertise with aspiring professionals, teaching them Lycon’s techniques and products. By sharing my knowledge, I can help them build their skills and confidence, and open new career opportunities.

Learning a new skill or technique can be an empowering experience, especially when it comes to the beauty industry. As a LYCON Affiliate Trainer, I can help aspiring professionals build their confidence and self-esteem by providing positive feedback, constructive criticism, and encouragement. Many aspiring professionals need guidance and mentorship to navigate the complexities of the beauty industry. As a LYCON Affiliate Trainer, I can provide mentorship and guidance to help them establish themselves as successful professionals. 

Overall, being a beauty trainer allows me to empower aspiring professionals by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in the beauty industry.

Raising the Industry Standard

Education contributes to raising the bar in the beauty industry. How have you witnessed the impact of well-trained professionals on the overall quality of services provided?

The impact of well-trained professionals on the overall quality of services provided in the beauty industry cannot be overstated. When beauty professionals receive quality education and training, they acquire the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to provide superior services to clients. They become experts in their craft and deliver services that go beyond wax application techniques, to address skin conditions, skin issues and concerns.

This results in a better client experience, higher satisfaction rates and ultimately a stronger reputation for their business. Additionally, education helps beauty professionals stay current with industry trends, developments in technology, and new products, this is essential elements that keep them competitive in a fast-paced industry. 

All these factors work together to create an ecosystem that promotes excellence, elevates the standard of services in the beauty industry, and inspires confidence and trust in clients. Ultimately, the impact of well-trained professionals in the industry is a positive one, and it contributes to the growth and sustainability of the profession.

The Dual Role

Balancing education and hands-on beauty treatments can be dynamic. Could you share how these roles enrich each other, and how do they contribute to your professional growth?

Education provides a theoretical foundation, while hands on experience offers practical application. By combining these two elements, professionals can optimise their skill sets, develop new techniques, and stay up to date with industry trends. 

For example, beauty professionals can learn about the latest skincare ingredients in a classroom setting, but it’s only through hands on experience that they can truly understand how these ingredients work on different skin types. On the other hand, hands on experience can lead to new questions and research, creating opportunities for continuing education.

Furthermore, juggling both roles can contribute to personal growth by improving time management, flexibility, and adaptability skills. By striving to balance these two areas, professionals can also improve their business and marketability, leading to increased career opportunities and potential growth.

Nurturing a Learning Environment

As a trainer and business owner, what steps do you take to create an environment where both clients and trainees feel valued, nurtured, and educated?

It is important to create welcoming and safe atmosphere, making sure that the space is clean, well-lit and has a relaxing ambiance. 

I feel it is important to be approachable and empathetic-greeting clients and trainees warmly, listen to their concerns, and show genuine empathy towards their needs.

I offer personalised training and my beauty & aesthetics services according to the students or clients individual needs and goals of my clients and trainees and make them feel seen and heard.

I provide regular training sessions and educational resources to both clients and trainees, so that they can stay up to date on the latest industry trends and techniques.

I also encourage open communication, creating a culture of open feedback, where clients and trainees can voice their opinions and suggestions without fear of judgment.

However most importantly I show appreciation and recognition. It is important to recognise the hard work and achievements of your trainees and express your gratitude towards your clients for choosing your services.

By following these steps, you can create a positive environment where both clients and trainees will feel valued, nurtured, and educated.

The Ripple Effect

Education has a ripple effect, influencing not only professionals but also clients' experiences. How do your training sessions and beauty treatments amplify this impact?

Properly trained professionals are better able to provide high quality services and treatments, leading to more satisfied clients. This can lead to repeat business and positive word of mouth referrals, ultimately benefiting the beauty business.

Education and training help maintain and improve industry standards, ensuring that professionals are knowledgeable and skilled in their craft. This can help establish a higher level of professionalism and credibility in the beauty industry.

Also learning safety protocols and best practices can help prevent accidents and injuries during beauty treatments. This can protect both professionals and clients, ultimately leading to a more positive experience overall.

Training sessions can provide information on the latest trends and advancements in the beauty industry. This knowledge can lead to innovation and new ideas that benefit both professionals and clients.

Overall, education and training in the beauty industry have a significant impact on the entire ecosystem, benefiting professionals and clients alike.

The Home Salon Advantage

Home salons can offer a personalised touch. How does your home-based setup contribute to creating a conducive learning and pampering atmosphere?

I feel that a home salon can offer more personalised services, tailored to the specific needs of my clients and students. As a home salon owner, I can have detailed and personalised consultation sessions to understand my client's and student’s requirements before offering any treatment or class. 

Also, clients can enjoy the exclusive attention of the owner, without any distractions, as there won't be many people around, I find this can create a more loyal client base.

I find the ambiance of a home salon is normally calm and serene, this provides a less intimidating atmosphere, making it easier for learners to express themselves and ask questions about the treatments.

All these factors together contribute to a conducive learning and pampering atmosphere for desired services at home-based setups.

Creating Beauty Ambassadors

Proper education can turn professionals into advocates for quality services. How do you ensure that your trainees become ambassadors for excellence in the beauty industry?

I think it is important to teach the importance of taking pride in their work and always striving to improve their skills and to encouraging a customer focused mindset and emphasising the importance of building trust and relationships with clients. While also fostering a culture of professionalism, ethics, and respect for both the client and the industry.

I also emphasise the importance of continuous learning and staying up to date with new techniques, products, and trends in the industry.

I also encourage seeking and using feedback from clients and peers to continually improve upon their skillset.

Most importantly I think promoting a positive attitude and an eagerness to continually learn and grow in their professional development.

Incorporating Continuous Learning

The industry is always evolving. How do you incorporate ongoing education for both you and your trainees to keep up with the latest trends and techniques?

In the beauty industry, continuous learning and professional development are essential to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Some ways that professionals can incorporate ongoing education include attending workshops, conferences, and industry events, taking online courses and webinars, reading industry publications, and seeking out mentorship or coaching. I personally think it’s very important to prioritise ongoing education to remain competitive and provide the best possible service to clients. Additionally, I think it’s brilliant for beauty professionals to regularly network and collaborate with other professionals in the industry to exchange knowledge and best practices.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals

For those looking to excel in the beauty industry, what advice would you give on the significance of education and its role in shaping successful careers?

Personally, I think education is essential in the beauty industry, as it provides the foundation for a successful career. Whether you're interested in waxing, semi-permanent makeup, skincare, or other areas of the industry, it's important to have a comprehensive understanding of the techniques, tools, and theoretical background behind the services you'll be offering. A solid education can help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide excellent service to your clients and build a strong reputation in the industry.

To excel in the beauty industry, it's also important to continue learning and staying up to date on trends, techniques, and new technologies. Professional development opportunities such as advanced training and attending industry events can help you stay current and continue honing your skills.

Overall, investing in your education and ongoing learning can play a significant role in shaping a successful career in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, what would you like readers to understand about the pivotal role that education plays in not just the beauty industry but in shaping a brighter future for professionals and clients alike?

Education is essential for the development and advancement of any profession, including the beauty industry. By providing quality education and training to aspiring beauty professionals, they can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. This, in turn, results in the delivery of high-quality services and products to clients, ultimately enhancing their overall experience. Education also promotes innovation and creativity, leading to new and improved techniques, products, and services that benefit both beauty professionals and clients. Therefore I think investing in education is crucial for the growth and success of the beauty industry and for shaping a better future for everyone involved.

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