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Male Waxing Collection

The Manifico collection conquers the latest trends in male grooming!

Formulated with soothing and calming Australian Sandalwood, Chamomile, Titanium Dioxide and Micro Mica, the Manifico collection effectively and efficiently removes strong and stubborn hair without compromising sensitive male skin on the face and body.

We are also pleased to introduce our brand new range of Manifico pre and post waxing lotions, which have a fresh, Sandalwood scent. They are a pleasure to work with while they soothe and protect men’s sensitive skin.

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MANifico Men's Hot Wax MANifico Men's Hot Wax
MANifico Strip Wax
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Manifico Strip Wax Cartridge
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MANifico Hybrid Hot Wax
MANifico Finishing Lotion
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MANifico Skin Cleanser
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MANifico Double Action Oil
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