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Article: Your Ultimate Guide to Waxing Styles

Your Ultimate Guide to Waxing Styles

Ever gone to book a waxing appointment and been greeted with an extensive list of coded names for different treatments? Many businesses like to create unique names for their waxing treatments which is great - but it can be a bit confusing and lead to some interesting miscommunications. The best thing you can do as a client is to communicate to your therapist exactly what you would like them to do before they start, and remember, we can always take more off but we can't replace hair we've already removed. To remove some of the mystique, we thought we would break down a few of the most common intimate waxing styles so that you can go into your next appointment confident in what you want...

The Basic Bikini

This is the most commonly requested/misinterpreted style, and I think this is because people's idea of what a normal pair of bikini bottoms looks like has drastically changed. With Love Island on our screens every year, it's really easy to picture THIS as a 'bikini':

This is actually what we would class as a High Bikini or a G-String in the world of waxing (but more on that later). No, when we talk about a Basic Bikini wax, you need to picture the multipack basic briefs from M&S, and any hair that falls outside of that shape will be removed like so: 

With this style of waxing, you can usually keep your own knickers on, although you may prefer to wear a pair of disposable ones provided by your waxing therapist! This is a tidy, modest style - Glamour describe it as "the white T-shirt of the waxing world", and it’s a classic.


Extended Bikini/High Bikini/G-string 

See? We've got 3 names for this one already without people making MORE names to describe this style! So without getting too technical, we do remove a lot more hair with this style than a basic bikini but we would not describe it as an intimate wax as we don't remove any hair from your labia. In this treatment we essentially remove any hair that falls outside of a classic g-string - we will reduce the sides and top of your bush at the front, clean up any fluffy hairs from your undercarriage (that aren't on your lips) and any stragglers from what we call the 'cheeky bum' area. 

Essentially, you will be ready to walk into the Villa in the skimpiest suit you can find: 

We wouldn't recommend keeping your own pants on for this - anyone that has tried the go to the bathroom after attempting this will agree (no one wants a second wax so soon)! Your therapist should provide you with a pair of disposable underwear, but really when you step into that treatment room, all modesty goes out the window and we would recommend removing all undergarments for this treatment!


The Brazilian
She's one of the most requested styles on most waxing experts roster for a good reason - you get a satisfying clean finish with a little bit of hair at the front for laughs. Usually the hair left on the front is a sort of rectangle (or landing-strip) shape, but feel free to ask your therapist for more of a triangle or a postage stamp if you prefer! By most people's definition of the Brazilian, all hair is removed from underneath (Labia included), your butt and most of the front like this: 
But this is where communication needs to be strong with your therapist - some may not remove everything from underneath as part of their Brazilian, heck, we even had someone call once saying they had booked in for a Brazilian wax and their therapist had removed every hair from the front and left a strip underneath (more of a 'Down Under' if you ask me!). This is why it's so important, when booking in for your appointment, if you aren't sure of the terminology that your salon is using, just describe exactly what you want removing and they will make sure you are booked in for the treatment you want. 


The Hollywood
This superstar style came into fashion in the 90s and darling, nothing has changed! She's still the most requested style, making up 33% of all bikini wax bookings. Dare to bare and leave no hair unplucked - a Hollywood is all hair removed from front to back. Luckily there isn't any real confusion about this one...
Want a couple more styles to choose from? Here are a few of the more unusual ones:
  • The Frenchie/French Bikini - Landing strip at the front, but no other hair is removed
  • The Love Heart - Not all salons/therapists will offer this, but it is essentially a Brazilian but instead of a landing strip, you get a cute heart!
Things to remember when choosing what style you want to go for:
  1. There is no right or wrong choice - you do what you feel most happy and confidant with.
  2. Avoid disappointment by understanding what type of treatment you are booking in for, and if you do "just want a little bit more off the bikini line" and it goes into the next treatment area, be prepared to pay more for a more thorough treatment. 
  3. Butt cheeks are a completely different treatment and will usually need to be booked as an additional area
  4. Likewise, some therapists will include your snail-trail as standard but don't expect it. 
  5. Check the handiwork before you leave - have a good feel around for any stray hairs, our eyesight is good but we are still human and even the most scrupulous therapist can accidentally miss a couple of rogue ones. 

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