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Certified Brow Mapping Course

Learn to create the perfect symmetrical brows

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Experience the art of Brow Mapping, enhancing symmetry and balance for your clients' face and eyes. Our course teaches you the skills to master boss-ass Brow Mapping, ensuring highly symmetrical eyebrows—a perfect foundation for flawless brow tint or henna treatments.

  • Receive a digital certificate upon completion.
  • Learn from Stephanie Hadris, renowned for her viral YouTube Brow Mapping tutorial.
  • Validate your knowledge with a quiz to reinforce your learnings.


3 Hours Of Training

With Digital Certificate

Lifetime Access



Enhance the results of any brow treatment.

With videos, illustrations, images, and quizzes, we ensure you can map the brows in under 3 minutes.

Design the perfect brow shape using the natural and unique features of your client's face.

Taught by Stephanie Hadris, renowned for her viral Brow Mapping video on YouTube.




Head Trainer Supercilium

Stephanie's passion for brows is unmatched, and her enthusiasm for sharing her expertise is even more remarkable. With years of accumulated knowledge, she has developed practical takeaway lessons designed to inspire and educate aspiring brow artists. Despite her busy schedule running both a successful salon and a beauty school, Stephanie remains dedicated to helping others perfect their brow techniques.


Allround Brow Master

Fatima’s passion for perfect brows is unmatched—she truly lives and breathes everything brow-related. It's no wonder the phrase #browsonfleek seems tailor-made for her. Over the years, Fatima has immersed herself in numerous courses to master the art of brow shaping and styling. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Fatima is the perfect person to lead our online Academy.


Brow & Lash Master Trainer

Meet Elisa: A multi-award-winning brow artist with a heart of gold and an unwavering passion for perfect brows! Her real-life trainings are always in high demand, booked out well in advance. We're beyond thrilled that Elisa has chosen to bring her expertise to our online academy. Get ready to thrive under her guidance!

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Discover Brow Mapping—a vital technique for achieving the perfect brow shape in every treatment. This step-by-step approach ensures symmetry and identifies the ideal brow shape tailored to your clients' facial features. Perfect for beginners, Brow Mapping boosts confidence and provides essential guidance for creating flawless brows. Master the art of Brow Mapping in our course—a crucial foundation for impeccable brow tint or henna treatments.


  • Achieve symmetrical brows that complement your clients' facial proportions, following the golden ratio.
  • Learn from industry experts like Stephanie Habris, renowned for her viral YouTube Brow Mapping tutorial.
  • Master Brow Mapping with comprehensive training materials including videos, illustrations, images, and quizzes.
  • Upgrade to our certified course for additional tips and tricks, and receive a physical certificate upon completion.



What is brow mapping?

Eyebrow mapping is a shaping technique that determines the ideal, symmetrical shape for each client's brows, following the golden ratio principles of facial proportions.

Where can I learn brow mapping courses online?

Discover Supercilium Academy's array of courses designed to elevate your brow expertise. Led by Brow Masters renowned in the industry, our academy ensures you learn all the techniques necessary to craft impeccable brows, no matter which course you select.

Do you need a certificate for eyebrow mapping?

While official accreditation requirements for Brow Mapping treatments vary by country, we strongly advise pursuing a certified course. Certification not only enhances your professionalism but also provides tangible proof of your mastery in all techniques. This assurance can instill greater confidence in your clients regarding your skills and expertise.

How to get certified for eyebrow mapping?

Upon completion of our Brow Mapping training course, you'll receive a hand-signed physical certificate delivered directly to your salon.

What does the eyebrow mapping course consist of?

Our online Brow Mapping course is your complete guide to mastering eyebrow mapping. Learn essential techniques—from analysing clients’ face shapes to outlining ideal brow shapes. Enhance your skills with a two-hour 1-to-1 video coaching session to address challenges and progress, along with personalised feedback on your work for four months.