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Certified Brow Henna Course

 Become a Brow Henna Pro

Sale price£154.80

Enhance your skills and elevate your brow game with our Premium Certified Brow Henna course. Dive deep into theory and practical techniques guided by industry-leading Brow Artists. Here's what you'll gain:
  • Digital Certificate: Showcase your expertise with a prestigious digital certification.
  • Bonus Chapters: Explore troubleshooting techniques, master colour mixing, and uncover pro tips from industry experts.
  • Interactive Quiz: Test your knowledge and solidify your learnings with our engaging quiz.

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With Digital Certificate

Taught By Industry Experts

4 Hours Of Training



Refining your Brow Henna skills will attract more clients to your salon, helping you increase your revenue.

Our courses are conducted by experienced and dedicated professionals who bring years of industry expertise.

Harness the natural benefits of Brow Henna to transform every brow into a beautifully defined masterpiece.

Upon completion, you'll receive a handwritten certificate to mark your achievement.




Head Trainer Supercilium

Stephanie's passion for brows is unmatched, and her enthusiasm for sharing her expertise is even more remarkable. With years of accumulated knowledge, she has developed practical takeaway lessons designed to inspire and educate aspiring brow artists. Despite her busy schedule running both a successful salon and a beauty school, Stephanie remains dedicated to helping others perfect their brow techniques.


Allround Brow Master

Fatima’s passion for perfect brows is unmatched—she truly lives and breathes everything brow-related. It's no wonder the phrase #browsonfleek seems tailor-made for her. Over the years, Fatima has immersed herself in numerous courses to master the art of brow shaping and styling. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Fatima is the perfect person to lead our online Academy.


Brow & Lash Master Trainer

Meet Elisa: A multi-award-winning brow artist with a heart of gold and an unwavering passion for perfect brows! Her real-life trainings are always in high demand, booked out well in advance. We're beyond thrilled that Elisa has chosen to bring her expertise to our online academy. Get ready to thrive under her guidance!


Brow Henna Master Trainer

Chloe is your go-to guru for crafting picture-perfect brows. With her expertise in permanent and semi-permanent techniques, she's mastered all the tricks of the trade. We're thrilled to have flown Chloe in to share her wisdom exclusively with you! Join us as Chloe spills the secrets of Brow Henna, unlocking endless possibilities for flawless brows. 

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Discover our Certified Brow Henna courses at Supercilium and elevate your expertise in the beauty industry. Our comprehensive program includes additional chapters covering advanced techniques, troubleshooting tips, and exclusive insights from seasoned professionals with years of experience.


  • Enhance Salon Revenue: Elevate your salon's appeal by perfecting your Henna Brow technique. Eyebrows are pivotal in defining character and catching attention. Enhance them flawlessly to attract more clients and boost revenue.
  • Learn from Industry Experts: Our courses are led by passionate professionals with extensive experience in the beauty sector. Gain invaluable insights and practical techniques—from brow styling to advanced henna applications—that can be immediately implemented in your salon.
  • Master Henna Brow Artistry: Dive deep into our comprehensive courses featuring engaging videos, detailed illustrations, and interactive quizzes. Equip yourself with the skills and confidence to deliver impeccable Henna Brow treatments to your clients.
  • Certified Excellence: Accredited by Supercilium, our training ensures you learn from the best in the industry. Receive a prestigious certificate upon completion, validating your expertise as a Brow Master.


Where to learn Brow Henna course?

Welcome to Supercilium Academy, where we specialised in two distinct courses: in-person training and online brow courses. Whichever path you choose, our academy ensures top-tier education led by Brow Masters—renowned industry experts dedicated to equipping you with the skills for impeccable brows.

Do you need certification to do Henna Brows?

While requirements for official accreditation may vary by country for Henna Brow treatments, we strongly advise pursuing a certified course. Certification not only enhances professionalism but also assures clients of your mastery in brow techniques. Gain credibility and confidence by showcasing your qualifications.

What can I learn from the Henna Brow course?

Our Online Brow Henna course is your comprehensive guide to mastering Brow Henna treatments. Learn essential tips and techniques—from assessing hair and skin  types  choosing the right colour, applying henna on eyebrows, to brow aftercare.  selecting the perfect shade and applying henna with precision. Taught by industry experts with award-winning credentials and fully booked salons, you’ll gain invaluable insights and skills to excel in the brow industry.