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Wax Heaters

LYCON heaters are designed to make professional waxing fuss free and easy! Our quality heaters ensure waxes are kept at a well-balanced continuous temperature and perform well all day long!

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Lycon Pro Duo Heater
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Lycon Professional Heater 1000ccLycon Professional Heater 1000cc
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Sold outSingle Strip Wax Roller HeaterSingle Strip Wax Roller Heater
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LycoPro Mini HeaterLycoPro Mini Heater
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Triple Roller Heater System
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LYCOPRO Baby Heater Insert 225g
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Sold outLycoPro Duo Wax Heater InsertLycoPro Duo Wax Heater Insert
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LycoPro Mini Wax Heater Insert - 500ml
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