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Article: Sun-Kissed Secrets: LYCO-BRONZE and the Art of Perfect Tanning

Sun-Kissed Secrets: LYCO-BRONZE and the Art of Perfect Tanning

As the winter chill begins to lose its grip, and the promise of spring whispers through the slightly lighter evenings, we find ourselves emerging from the cozy cocoon of the cold season. Picture it: the first spring flowers breaking through the bare earth, teasing us with the vibrant hues of warmer days to come. The mere thought has us dreaming of shedding winter layers, basking in the sunlight, and flaunting our legs in flowy dresses paired with your beloved fluffy cardigans for perfect spring days to come. And here's a little secret to ensure your glow matches the newfound warmth – you know we've got smooth legs covered with the full range of Lycon waxes, here at Beauty Triangle. But did you know that we're also the sole UK distributor of LYCO-BRONZE, the magic potion that turns your dreams of a sun-kissed radiance into a reality. Whether you’re a looking for the perfect glow for at home tanning or a professional needing an exclusive high end professional tanning solution, we have you covered. 

Sun-Kissed Science: Tan Alchemy  

Ever wondered about the wizardry behind a flawless, sun-kissed glow from a bottle? from? Brace yourselves for a bit of science sprinkled with a touch of magic. All Lyco-Bronze self-tanning products harbour the secret duo of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrulose, crafting a naturally derived, safe, and sunless tan that's the envy of every sunbeam. 

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA): The Magic Behind LYCO-BRONZE Glow 

DHA, a sugar-like molecule, has been the magician's wand in self-tanning for over four decades. When DHA meets keratin proteins made up of amino acids in the upper skin layers, golden-brown polymers, or as we like to call them, melanoids, begin to take centre stage. This is a chemical reaction called a Maillard reaction that occurs between sugars and proteins. If you’ve ever heated a mixture of cream and sugar together to make a beautifully brown caramel sauce or even baked cookies, then you’ve caused a Maillard reaction. Apply DHA to your skin, and within 2–8 hours, voilà! A natural sun-kissed tan appears. The best part? This tan isn't just surface level; it's substantive, holding on for up to a week as your skin naturally renews itself. 

Erythrulose: The Glow's Best Friend 

Enter Erythrulose, a natural keto-sugar adding its own dash of magic to the mix. This co-active partner in Lyco-Bronze has a few tricks up its sleeve: It plays the role of an anti-streak maestro, ensuring an even tan. Erythrulose leaves a redder shade than DHA leaving a warm natural and never orange shade on the skin.  It also helps reduce skin drying leading to a longer lasting and deeper tanning effect Erythrulose has got you covered in that caramel colour of your sun-drenched dreams. 

Stay Healthy, Glow On! 

The British Skin Foundation report that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK and rates continue to rise. There are 100,000 new cases diagnosed each year, and the disease kills over 2,500 people each year in the UK - that's seven people every day!  

While a natural suntan screams UV-induced DNA drama, A tan from a bottle has no such side effects. Just that beautifully tanned feeling, no sunlight required. Revel in a beautiful, healthy-looking tan without the sun's aging effects or the risk of skin cancer. Just a word of wisdom: though your Lyco-Bronze glow doesn't play bodyguard against UV, so always wear your sunscreen.   

Lyco-Bronze Range – The Lowdown on Each Product 

Welcome to a world where every tan tells a story, and radiance reigns supreme – the world of Lyco-Bronze. As the exclusive distributor of Lyco-Bronze in the UK, Beauty Triangle invites you to embark on a journey of tanning excellence, exploring each product's unique features, benefits, and the science behind the sun-kissed glow. 

Lyco-Bronze Sun Faker: A Tropical Getaway in a Bottle 

Lyco-Bronze Sun Faker is your salon's passport to delivering a fast, sun-free, and streak-free tan that caresses both face and body. 

Picture this – a tan that develops overnight, leaving your clients with a natural-looking golden glow. But it's not just about the tan; it's an experience. With built-in moisturizers, the aroma of an exotic tropical island transports your clients to paradise. 

Lyco-Bronze Sun Faker boasts 10% plant-derived DHA, ensuring a flawless tan with a sun-kissed glow that's second to none. 

Lyco-Bronze Self-Tanning Foam: Customise the Radiance 

For those who crave flexibility, the Lyco-Bronze Self-Tanning Foam takes centre stage. This rapid customisable self-tanning foam, enriched with plant-derived DHA, Erythrulose, and premium natural pigments, allows your clients to tailor their tan intensity. Leave on from 1 to 4 hours for the desired depth of shade and let it develop over the next 12 hours. 

Craft an iconic, natural Australian glow that lasts. The cutting-edge formula hydrates the skin with skin-loving botanicals, Bio-Melanin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, making Lyco-Bronze Self-Tanning Foam a vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free choice. 

Lyco-Bronze Rapid Spray Tan: Professional Excellence Unveiled 

Exclusively designed for professionals, LYCO-BRONZE RAPID SPRAY TAN is the epitome of convenience and excellence. The latest Bio-Melanin technology ensures a beautiful, natural-looking tan with a sun-kissed glow in just one hour. 

Whether you opt for Medium or Extra Dark, the cutting-edge LYCON formula, enriched with 10-14% plant-derived DHA, guarantees a flawless, streak-free tan. Additional skin-loving botanicals leave your client's skin glowing and silky smooth. 

Lyco-Bronze Application Mitt: The Unsung Hero 

Meet the secret weapon for flawless application – the Lyco-Bronze Application Mitt. Perfect for applying Lyco-Bronze Self-Tanning Foam, this mitt ensures a streak-free, mess-free experience. With an elastic wristband for ease, leak-resistant, and washable – this mitt keeps hands stain-free, making the application process a breeze. 

Elevating Profitability with Lyco-Bronze: A Quick Guide for Salons 

Now, let's talk numbers – the language every salon professional speaks. With Lyco-Bronze Rapid Spray Tan, the potential is impressive, easily allowing up to 25 spray tans from a single litre of solution. At an average treatment price of £35, your salon is not just offering a glow; it's delivering profitability. 

Cost Breakdown: 

LYCO-BRONZE RAPID SPRAY TAN: £50.00 per 1 litre 
Cost per treatment = £50.00 / 25 = £2.00 

Beauty Triangle have everything you need to complete your tanning treatments. We recommend Mop caps to protect your client’s hair, Disposable G-string available in black and white and Lyco-Bronze Sticky Feet. All these items are available for professionals, just sign up here. 

Lyco-Bronze Sticky Feet: 

Sale Price for 50 pairs: £23.50 (excluding VAT) 
Cost per Pair ≈ £0.47 

Tanning feet

Pre-tan Prep: The Key to Flawless Sunless Tan Every Time. 

We all know prepping the skin with a good exfoliating session before applying sunless tanner is crucial for achieving a smooth and even tan. The exfoliation process helps to remove dead skin cells, dry patches, and creates a clean canvas for the self-tanning product. But did you know the type of product you use can greatly affect how your tan will develop. Many contain oils and waxes that can leave a film on your skin, preventing it for getting to those proteins in the skin to react with. Let alone clogging up drain or making your shower as slippery as a ice rink. 

Lycon fruity flavoured sugar scrubs stand out for their effectiveness in this prepping stage. Elevate your skin game with our luxe oil-free sugar scrub! No oily residue, no clogged pores—just spa-quality exfoliation that rinses off like a dream. 

Available in 100ml tubes perfect for travel, 520g tubs and 2.5Kg professional sizes in the following flavours. 

  • Pomegranate
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Mago & Guava
  • Lavender and Camomile
  • Coconut & Vanilla
  • Apple & Cranbury

Perfect prep for a flawless tan and a post-waxing superhero, tackling ingrown hairs like a boss. It's time to scrub, glow, and conquer! ✨🚿 #SkinWin 

Now, let's compare Lycon Bronze for boosting your retail offering and profit, it’s a no brainer. 

LYCO-BRONZE SUN FAKER: Profit Margin ≈ 50% 
RRP £16.00 - Wholesale price £8.00 = £8.00 

LYCO-BRONZE SELF-TANNING FOAM: Profit Margin ≈ 44.64% 
RRP £28.00 - Wholesale price £15.50 = £12.50 

RRP £14.00 - Wholesale price £6.60 = £7.40 

The Exclusive LYCO-BRONZE Promotion: Buy 3 Get 1 Free 

Beauty Triangle believes in adding value to your salon experience. Our current promotion – Buy 3 LYCO-BRONZE products and get 1 free – not only reduces costs but also adds an exclusive touch. LYCO-BRONZE is not just a product; it's a statement that your salon is committed to offering the best to its clients. 

But don't just take our word for it. Our customers share stories of a tan that lasts days longer, a depth that's natural, and results that speak for themselves. One client raved, "The longevity of the tan is unparalleled, and the depth is just what I was looking for!" 

Have your own success story or feedback to share? Your experience could be the inspiration another salon needs to make the switch to LYCO-BRONZE. 


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