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Article: How to Prepare For Your Post-Lockdown Waxing Appointment

How to Prepare For Your Post-Lockdown Waxing Appointment

April is fast approaching and that means you've only got another month (give or take a few days) until your favourite salon will finally be able to reopen their doors! After almost a year in various tiers (and tears), local lockdowns, new rules and general weirdness, believe us when we say it - we are ready for you. We understand that you might be feeling apprehensive about your upcoming waxing appointment, so we thought we would put together a little 'how to' guide to put you at ease...


  1. If you are guilty of little lockdown shave, we forgive you but please stop now. It's true, our amazing hot waxes are capable of removing even the shortest hairs with ease HOWEVER if you want your post-lockdown wax to last, let your hairs grow out before your appointment. The reason for this is that each follicle has it's own cycle of hair growth made up of three stages - growth (Anagen), transition (Catagen) and resting (Telogen), and we essentially want to catch the most hairs we can at the initial growth stage.If you don't give them a chance to grow to a visible level before your wax, a couple of weeks (or days, if you are unlucky) after your appointment, you may start to see hairs poking through. 
  2. Scrub that dead skin away. We know you've heard it a thousand times, but one of the best things you can do to prepare for your waxing appointment is to exfoliate regularly. If you have been taking a break from exfoliating while you've been in hibernation, we don't blame you but start the process now!
  3. Start moisturising. One of the reasons we ask you to exfoliate and moisturise regularly is because we often see ingrown hairs trapped under a really thin layer of skin! By starting off that process now, you are going to get waaaaay smoother, polished results come waxing day! 
  4. Book your appointment or sign up to a waiting list. We've all gotten quite used to queueing, and I'm afraid you're going to have to get in line again! Salons will be completely inundated for the first couple of weeks, so make sure you beat the crowds and get your slot. Even if your salon isn't taking actual bookings, most are currently taking names and numbers of people to call once dates do become available! 


  1. Use a gorgeous exfoliating scrub or mitt at least two times a week to physically slough away any dead skin cells sitting on the surface. Dry body brushing before each shower and using a mild chemical exfoliant most days like our Ingrown x-it Foaming Gel in the shower or Ingrown X-it Solution as you get out! This will ensure your skin is primed and ready to be waxed - leaving you hair free for longer. 
  2. Don't stress about pain and start googling. Waxing doesn't have to be an uncomfortable experience, so hyping yourself up before your treatment won't help. 
  3. Keep your skin and body hydrated. As we mentioned above, you will get way smoother results if your skin is in good condition before your wax. 
  4. Trim if you want to. If you have embraced a hairy start to the year and you are worried about your hair being a little long, feel free to trim your hair down! Any length from 1mm will be enough for our waxes to grip. If you are worried about trimming too low or it's not really your thing, your therapist should be able to trim for you if necessary on the day.
  5. Facial Waxing only: a few days before your waxing appointment, if you are using any face products with high concentrations of Vitamins, retinol, or AHAs, give your face a break. While these products are super gorgeous and leave you looking  f r e s h  they can also affect your treatment. Waxing over new skin can cause the skin to tear or burn more easily. Whilst this is extremely unlikely when using Lycon Hot Wax, we still would advise you to inform your therapist during your consultation. 


The big day is here and there are just a few things you should do to prepare for your appointment: 

  1. Stay safe. Obviously the salon will be doing everything they can to ensure your safety, so you will need to follow all applicable rules to help them with this. Bring minimal personal belongings, wear a face covering, sanitise your hands regularly and keep your distance from others. 
  2. Freshen up - while we know everyone has their own routines and things to do, it is good practice to make sure you freshen up before an intimate wax if you've been running around all day. Most salons will provide wipes for you to use, but it can be useful to carry around your own.   
  3. Relax. Your therapist is a professional, has had excellent training and knows what they are doing. It may take a little longer than when you were being waxed regularly but only by a couple of minutes. Sit back, relax and let your therapist do what they do best! With a combination of excellent techniques and amazing products, Lycon reduces pain sensation by about 50%. 

And that folks, is our handy little guide to preparing for your post-lockdown appointment! We hope you found it useful and can't wait to see you back very soon. Pop your comments down below or if you have any questions, email us at

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