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Article: 7 Reasons to Transform Your Salon with Lycon Exclusivity

7 Reasons to Transform Your Salon with Lycon Exclusivity


In the dynamic landscape of salon services, making the right decisions can significantly impact the future of your business. Think about a salon where every detail is crafted with care of all the treatments on offer that are surprisingly gentle, and clients leave with beautifully smooth and glowing skin, from waxing to facials and body treatments. 🌟🪄

Turning your salon into a LYCON exclusive salon can make this dream a reality. Let’s explore 7 compelling reasons why this choice is not just a business move but a transformative journey.

1. LYCON IS A Trusted Global Name

LYCON isn’t just a wax; it’s a global sensation. Clients around the world trust LYCON for its practically pain free waxing with consistently smooth results. Aligning your salon with LYCON taps into this trust, enhancing your reputation within your community.

Example: Salons worldwide have seen a significant boost in client retention and more waxing appointments after adopting LYCON. This reinforces LYCON’s status as the preferred waxing choice by therapists and clients.

2. Cost-Effective Branding

LYCON’s stellar reputation boosts your marketing efforts. The brand’s global recognition draws in clients without the need for hefty promotional expenses. This cost-effective branding allows you to invest more in enhancing the customer experience.

Example: Salons that adopted LYCON noticed a reduction in marketing costs, freeing up resources for staff training and customer-focused initiatives.

3. Economical Excellence

The world renowned LYCON waxing products are super-efficient, which means you need less wax per treatment.  This not only makes economic sense for your salon but also adds value for your clients. They enjoy a premium experience without a high price tag, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

4. Professional Expertise

As a LYCON exclusive salon, your waxing professionals will receive specialised training, enhancing their skills and transforming your salon into a centre of hair removal expertise. Knowledgeable staff create memorable experiences, work with confidence and increase client satisfaction and loyalty.

Example: Salons with LYCON trained staff have reported higher customer satisfaction due to the advanced skills and expertise of their team.

5. Diversify with LYCON’s outstanding and trusted product collections

LYCON’s R&D expertise and offerings go beyond waxing and include comprehensive skincare for the face and body and more.  Picture offering your clients skincare solutions such as skin cleansers, moisturisers and serums, face massage oils and body massage oils, to pamper and provide them with unique results with the very new and very up to date LYCON Skin collection. This diversification not only elevates the salon experience but also boosts retail opportunities for salons, while clients get wowed with the corrective and protective anti-ageing results.  The LYCON Skin products are suitable for all skin types and all age groups, with results that are evident from the first treatment.  With regular home use, solid improvements can be easily achieved in 2-3 weeks, which is less lines and wrinkles, smoother, firmer, more hydrated and brighter looking skin.   

Example: Salons introducing the LYCON Skin range in their salon see a significant increase in retail sales, providing clients with a one-stop solution for all their beauty needs.

6. Luxurious Lyco’pedi Treatments

The Lyco’pedi range is ideal for delivering high-quality pedicure services. Infused with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, AHA’s and more, Lyco’pedi rejuvenates tired feet that need deeply nourishing benefits and ensure long lasting visible results. With Lyco’pedi salon treatments and retail home care will make your pedicure services stand out and attracting repeat clients.  

7. Comprehensive Care with Lyco-Bronze

As we already mentioned, LYCON doesn’t stop at waxing. There is also the Lyco-Bronze range that offers excellent tanning solutions for a natural, sun-kissed glow. Lyco-Bronze ensures your salon meets a variety of client needs to enhance client’s overall experience. Either a spray tan in the salon or a Lyco-Bronze Self-Tanning Foam application at home, you can have it all covered to suit your client’s needs. Lyco-Bronze smells great, does not streak and provides the best tan that clients simply find is the best they have ever tried.  


Embarking on the LYCON exclusive journey isn’t just a business move; it’s a commitment to transforming your salon into a haven of excellence. Imagine clients not just visiting for a session but entering an experience where every detail reflects care and quality. Consider the myriad benefits, witness the transformations, and embrace the excellence that LYCON brings to your salon. Your path to success and customer satisfaction has never been easier and more exciting.

Your business will never be the same!

Elevate your salon’s offerings with Beauty Triangle International, the exclusive UK home of LYCON waxing and all other LYCON collections. Connect with us at Beauty Triangle or email us at Let Beauty Triangle International be your partner in creating unforgettable salon experiences for your clients and for you. 


This content is written by Monika Sonar, Marketing Manager at Beauty Triangle International. Feel free to share your comments and feedback.

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