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Certified Liquid Dye Course

Become a pro in Liquid Dye

Sale price£154.80

Unlock the secrets of Liquid Dye for brows and lashes! Enroll in our cutting-edge Liquid Dye with Keratin Certified course led by industry experts Zoë Sloane, Barbie Zarraga, Stephanie Hadris, and Anastasia Biskopchuk. Elevate your beauty business with comprehensive training and hands-on experience. 

Course Highlights:

  •  Comprehensive understanding of Liquid Dye characteristics

  •  Techniques for combining Liquid Dye with Brow Lamination

  •  Expert tips from top professionals

  •  Detailed step-by-step guides and colour theory

  •  Troubleshooting common issues

  •  BONUS: Strategies for content creation, increasing revenue, and more!

With Digital Certificate

4h Training

+ Extra Support





CEO Supercilium

Meet Manouk, the founder of Supercilium! She began her journey in a top Amsterdam brow bar. Discovering Brow Henna sparked her entrepreneurial spirit, leading her to start Supercilium. Now, she's all about empowering women to embrace their individuality.


Head Trainer Supercilium

Stephanie's passion for brows is unmatched, and her enthusiasm for sharing her expertise is even more remarkable. With years of accumulated knowledge, she has developed practical takeaway lessons designed to inspire and educate aspiring brow artists. Despite her busy schedule running both a successful salon and a beauty school, Stephanie remains dedicated to helping others perfect their brow techniques.


Liquid Dye Trainer

This Miami powerhouse does it all. As the driving force behind a thriving Brow Salon and the creator of the top-selling brow tools brand, BWH Cosmetics, Barbie consistently proves her expertise and passion in the beauty industry. Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit make her a true inspiration.


Liquid Dye Trainer

Anastasia, a talented and innovative Brow Artist & Content Creator from Ukraine, has made a significant mark in the eyebrow industry despite her young age. Her extensive experience and unique approach to brow styling set her apart, making her content truly exceptional.


Liquid Dye Trainer

Hailing from the dynamic beauty scene of Down Under, Zoë is a seasoned expert who made a bold move to pursue her true passion. After running a successful salon, she chose to travel the world, sharing her extensive knowledge and educating other brow artists about the art of brows.

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