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Basic Brow Lamination Course

Learn to create perfect fluffy brows

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Looking to incorporate the popular Brow Lamination treatment into your salon? Join our complimentary Basic Brow Glaze course and gain essential knowledge to kick-start your journey. 

  • Fundamental theory and practical information 

  • Detailed step-by-step video tutorial 

  • Quiz to assess your understanding  

Interested in certification? Upgrade to our comprehensive Premium Certified Brow Lamination course. 

3432 Students Enrolled

3 Hours Of Training

Lifetime Access


Begin mastering the current top treatment and boost your earnings.

Our courses are led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic experts with extensive industry experience.

Through videos, illustrations, images, and quizzes, we ensure you're fully equipped to excel in any Brow Lamination treatment.

Obtain certification and expand your skills by upgrading to our certified Brow & Lash Lamination Course.




Head Trainer Supercilium 

Talking about brows makes Stephanie even more excited than doing brows. She really dug deep to transfer all the knowledge she accumulated over the years into practical takeaway lessons for aspiring brow artists. This busy lady does it all, running her own salon ánd beauty school.


Allround Brow Master 

Full-on brows-obsessed. It’s like the hashtag #browsonfleek is invented for Fatima. During her career, Fatima followed multiple courses to suck in all the brow knowledge available. Nobody is better able to bring all her learnings into our online Academy than this brow queen.

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Brow Lamination has surged in popularity within the beauty industry over recent years. This cutting-edge method helps control unruly or sparse eyebrow hair, lifting it vertically to create the appearance of fullness and growth. The outcome? Super smooth, feathered brows reminiscent of brow gel application. Dive into our Brow Lamination module to learn how to achieve the fluffiest brows for your clients.


  • Boost your earnings with the latest eyebrow trend: In today's fast-paced world, clients seek to streamline their morning routines while maintaining a natural beauty. This has led to a growing demand for Brow Lamination treatments. Join the trend and increase your revenue with this highly sought-after service.  
  • Learn from industry experts: Our courses are led by experienced professionals deeply passionate about beauty. They impart invaluable knowledge, covering everything from understanding the brow hair growth cycle to mastering the lamination application process. Benefit from their expertise and elevate your skills with our exceptional trainers.  
  • Become proficient in Brow Glaze: Our comprehensive training materials feature videos, illustrations, images, and quizzes to ensure you grasp every aspect of Brow Glaze treatment. Feel fully prepared to deliver outstanding results to your clients.  
  • Gain certification from Supercilium: Upgrade to our premium certified Brow Glaze course to also receive training in Lash Lift treatment and obtain a physical certificate upon completing the courses. 


What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination, also known as Brow Glaze, uses a special chemical solution to straighten and lift the eyebrow hairs, allowing the hairs to have more flexibility to be moved into desired shapes. Resulting in fuller-looking brows which stay up to 8 weeks, the treatment is perfect for those who are troubled with unruly and thin eyebrows.

Where can I learn eyebrow lamination online?

At Supercilium Academy we offer two types of courses for our students, in-person training courses and online brow courses. Whatever course you choose in our academy, all brow courses are taught by real Brow Masters: the best professionals in the industry that teach you all techniques needed to create feathery brows. 

Do you need a certificate for Brow Lamination?

It varies per country if you need an official accredited brow course to perform Brow Lamination treatments. However, we always recommend doing a certified course, since it will look more professional for your clients if you can show them your certifications. It’s just extra proof that you master all the techniques. 

How to get certified for eyebrow lamination?

To get Supercilium certification, you can upgrade to the premium certified Brow & Lash Lamination course. Once you complete the online training courses, we’ll send out a hand-signed certificate. Furthermore, our premium course also includes Lash Lift training and a 10% discount for our Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Glaze Starter kit. Double the fun (and revenue!) with our Glaze starter kit!