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Welcome to Beauty Triangle

Become our Ambassador

Welcome to Beauty Triangle International

The Beauty Triangle International Ambassador Program aims to collaborate with salon owners and influencers who are passionate about our premium beauty products and training services. Through this program, we seek to empower you to become brand advocates, sharing your experiences with our products and training offerings to potential audience.

Benefits and details

Exclusive Offers: Ambassadors will receive exclusive discounts on our products and training courses.
Access to Training: Ambassadors will gain access to exclusive training sessions, including Lycon waxing and Supercilium brow training.
Brand Exposure: Ambassadors will be featured on our social media profiles and website, increasing their visibility within the beauty industry.
Networking Opportunities: Ambassadors will have the opportunity to connect with other salon owners and industry professionals within our network.
Promotional Material: Ambassadors will receive promotional material and resources to assist them in creating content and promoting our products and services.


Content Creation: Ambassadors will be required to create a specified number of social media posts, blogs, or videos per month showcasing our products and training offerings. The only products we wish to target is Lycon Skin, Lycon Scrubs, Tanning Range, Pedicure Range and Supercilium Brow Range.

Tagging and Reporting: Ambassadors will tag Beauty Triangle International in their social media posts and provide monthly reports on their content creation activities at

Product Reviews: Ambassadors will provide honest reviews and feedback on our products and training courses.

Participation in Events: Ambassadors may be invited to participate in events, workshops, or webinars hosted by Beauty Triangle International.


Create 4 social media posts per month: 10% discount on all products and training courses.

Create 8 social media posts per month: 15% discount on all products and training courses.

Create 12 social media posts per month: 20% discount on all products and training courses.

Note - These discounts will not apply for Lycon HOT WAX.


The Beauty Triangle International Ambassador Program will run on an ongoing basis, with ambassadors committing to a minimum term of six months.

How to Apply: Interested salon owners can apply to become ambassadors by filling out the application form on our website. Selected candidates will be contacted for further details and onboarding.

Join the Beauty Triangle International Ambassador Program today and be a part of our journey towards beauty excellence!

*Terms & Conditions apply

Training Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business for Beauty Triangle International 

Trade Accounts Purchasing LYCON Waxing System:

  1. New account applications require proof of qualification or proof of ownership of a beauty business.
  2. Lycon hot wax or any other professional products are for professional use and not for resale.
  3. An active Lycon trade account requires at least one full-time Lycon trained therapist at each salon location. Lycon trade accounts must be using Lycon as a waxing system in full, including adequate Lycon pre-and post-waxing products.
  4. Additional addresses require office approval to be added to the trade account.  New branches of the same business will require its own trade account and will need to purchase a starter kit for each location.
  5. Account holders must keep us informed of any changes to personal or business details and any changes are required in writing.
  6. Trade accounts are non-transferable.  At change of ownership of a business, account holders must inform us so we can close the account or update the details of their account.  New business owners will have to contact us to set up their own account. Proof is required if products and equipment has changed hands as well as a Lycon trained therapist being at the location.
  7. Separate businesses within the same premises, for example self-employed therapists within a salon, would require a separate trade account.  Any trade account buying on behalf of other self-employed therapists would need to provide details of each self-employed therapist.   The subsequently generated account for the therapist would need to purchase a starter kit to remain active if they leave. 
  8. Account holders agree that we cannot take responsibility for loss of business if orders fail to arrive in the expected time.  We do not guarantee next day delivery and advise all customers to leave at least a week to receive an order.
  9. All items are subject to availability.  We cannot be held responsible if a certain item is out of stock, we will always try to recommend an alternative if available.
  10. We cannot amend details on invoices once they have been generated.
  11. Failure to comply with these terms may result in your account being temporarily put on hold from ordering or removed. For further detail please refer to our terms and conditions.


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Join the Beauty Triangle International Ambassador Program today and be a part of our journey towards beauty excellence!

Terms & Conditions

Beauty Triangle International reserves the right to terminate an ambassador's participation in the program and revoke any associated discounts if the ambassador:

  1. Fails to comply with the program's terms and conditions, including but not limited to, meeting content creation requirements, providing accurate reporting, and adhering to brand guidelines.
  2. Engages in behaviour that is detrimental to the company's reputation, including but not limited to, making false or misleading statements about the company or its products, engaging in unethical business practices, or displaying inappropriate conduct on social media platforms.
  3. Violates any applicable laws or regulations, including intellectual property rights, privacy laws, or advertising standards.
  4. Breaches confidentiality agreements or discloses proprietary information belonging to Beauty Triangle International or its partners.
  5. Engages in any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying towards other ambassadors, customers, or employees of Beauty Triangle International.
  6. Demonstrates a lack of professionalism or integrity in their interactions with Beauty Triangle International or its stakeholders.
  7. Engages in any other conduct that Beauty Triangle International deems to be unacceptable or incompatible with the values and objectives of the ambassador program.
  8. The minimum followers for eligibility will be 1000 followers on Instagram or TikTok.

Termination of an ambassador's participation may occur at the discretion of Beauty Triangle International, and the decision will be final. Any discounts or benefits associated with the program will be forfeited upon termination.