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Article: What Should I Expect as a First Time Waxer?

What Should I Expect as a First Time Waxer?

Picture: Heather Goodwin, Lemongrass & Ginger

Thinking about getting waxed for the first time? Fantastic choice! Your first wax will always be the most daunting, but that's why we are here - to put you at ease and give you a few tips to make this experience a great one...

1) Firstly, lets talk about the different types of wax you can request and why this is important... there are two main types of wax that most salons will offer: 

Strip Wax - also known as warm wax, soft wax - this is the type that usually comes to mind when you hear the word 'waxing'. It's a runny sticky mixture that is applied with a spatula and removed with either a fabric or paper strip. Treatments that are offered in strip wax tend to be a little bit cheaper. Areas that this type of waxing are suitable for: legs, arms, chest and back. Some salons still offer other body waxing (bikini line, facial and underarm) treatments with strip wax, but this is not something that we would advise for these delicate areas. 

Hot Wax - sometimes referred to as hard wax or stripless wax - this is a gorgeous gooey substance that is applied in smaller patches, shrink wraps around your hair and can be removed without a waxing strip. This type of wax is much more gentle and kinder to the skin which is why we always use it for the face, underarms, bikini and intimate area. There are also special hot waxes that can be applied thinner and used to wax larger areas such as the legs or back. You will usually pay a premium for services with hot wax but it is worth it! 

A top tip is to seek out a salon or therapist that uses a premium product and/or specialises in waxing. 

2) Obviously everyone has different pain thresholds, but waxing is not the scream-fest that movies like to make out. With premium products like the LYCON system and fantastic techniques, you can expect a 50% reduction in sensation. Waxing is a TREATment, not a chore. You will find that as you start to wax more regularly, the treatment will take less time and be more comfortable.

3) Your therapist should do a thorough consultation before your treatment starts so allow a little more time for your session. It is super important to declare any medications or skincare you might be using as they may affect your treatment. It is also important to inform your therapist if anything changes in between your appointments (you may have had your COVID jab or been given a new cream to use by your doctor)! 

4) Although it is common sense for most people, if you have booked an appointment in the middle of a busy day, it's polite to freshen up before your appointment. Most salons/therapists will supply wipes on the bed when you arrive, but we would suggest having a little pack in your bag just in case! 

5) If you are on your period, you can still get waxed while wearing a tampon. We are professionals and are not scared by a little string! If however you would feel more comfortable rescheduling your appointment, check your salon's cancellation policy well in advance. 

6) Don't be surprised if your therapist trims your hair first if it's a little long. With LYCON hot wax, you only need 1mm of growth in order to get a good clean wax. 

7) It is commonplace to be asked to remove your underwear if you are having a Brazilian or Hollywood, but a lot of therapists will allow you to keep them on (or supply paper pants) if you're just having a tidy up.

8) If you get a bit flustered and need a little break - just tell your waxing therapist. Give your legs a little stretch and take a deep breath. If you are finding things a little uncomfortable, a great trick is to take a big breath in and exhale as the strip/patch is removed - it forces your body to relax and will feel way better!

9) It is completely normal for your body to react to it's hair being forcibly removed and don't be surprised if you look like a plucked chicken for a few hours after your treatment. This is important to remember when scheduling your appointment - do not have a wax the day before your wedding or go on holiday as it can take your skin a few days to calm down (especially after your first ever wax!)

10) You will be given aftercare advice - follow it. That means for the next 24-48 hours: no exercise/sweating, no heat exposure, no hot shower/bath, no perfumed products, no touching, no tight clothing. This is all for your benefit, believe us! To ensure you stay as smooth as possible, after the first week or so, make sure you exfoliate & moisturise the areas 2-3 times a week.

We hope you have found this useful and somewhat educational! As ever, if you have any questions or comments, get in touch in the comment section below!

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