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Article: GET YOUR SALON READY for Sunshine, sandals, and smooth skin

GET YOUR SALON READY for Sunshine, sandals, and smooth skin

Sunshine, sandals, and smooth skin – can you feel it? With summer just around the corner, you know your clients will be coming in wanting to look and feel their best.

Here are 5 fabulous updates to make your salon the go-to spot for that flawless summer look:

1. Summer Waxing with a Fun Twist! ☀️

Ditch the routine and surprise your clients with some brand new summer-inspired Lycon waxes! We're talking refreshing floral scents like lavender and rose, or soothing flavour like Aloe

Introduced them to new experiences and get them to try something new that will leave them feeling invigorated!

P.S. Don't forget the aftercare! We all know how important it is to soothe skin after waxing. Offer an aftercare package with products that prevent ingrown hairs and promote a healthy summer glow. Lycon has a great range of ingrown spray, ingrown cream and wipes. Plus, you can add self-tanning options to your menu so clients can achieve a beautiful bronze without baking in the sun.

2. Prioritise Soothing & Refreshing Touch: 

Nobody likes irritated skin after a wax. That's why Lycon's Aloe Vera gel and Tea Tree Soothes are lifesavers! These cooling products calm any redness and help soothe and nurture the skin after waxing.

Think about offering something different alongside your waxing menu. Everybody loves a foot massage and this can be a perfect combo after a leg wax. By adding a soothing, hydrating and relaxing foot massage using any of our Lycon Skin body oils will increase your ticket price and ensure your client returns time and time again. 

Collection of Lycon Skin massage oils:  LINK

3. Make Your Salon a Summer Oasis: ☀️

Imagine this: your clients walk in and are greeted by bright, summery colours and the refreshing scent of lavender or citrus essential oils wafting through the air. Upbeat summer music adds to the fun atmosphere.

Transform your salon decor! Paint the walls sunshine yellow or a cool turquoise. Add some fresh flowers or summer-themed artwork to brighten the space. Don't forget to showcase your new summer wax flavours and aftercare products with attractive displays. This will not only look inviting but also make it easy for clients to see all the great summer options you have available.

Image source: Pinterest Dollar Store Delight - Fun Hair Salon Craft (

4. Pamper Those Beach-Ready Feet!

Beach season is upon us, and that means it's time to show those feet some love! Upgrade your pedicure services with a marine collagen treatment. This innovative treatment helps improve skin elasticity, leaving feet feeling soft, smooth, and perfectly pampered for those beach days and summer sandals.

5. Spread the Word About Your Summer Specials!

Get your clients excited about your summer offerings! Create a buzz on social media by sharing captivating visuals of your new wax flavours and aftercare products. Offer special promotions to attract new clients and remind existing ones that you're the place to be for summer beauty prep.

Image source - Pinterest

Don't forget to advertise your summer updates in-salon too! Display eye-catching posters or create a dedicated summer spa menu to showcase all the exciting new things you have to offer.

By incorporating these updates, your salon will be fully prepared to cater to your clients' summer needs and become the go-to destination for achieving that perfect summer glow! See you soon, summer lovers!

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